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3/15/15 American Horseman March 1936 issue

The March 1936 issue of The American Horseman magazine contained dozens of advertisements for breeding stallions, as do many Saddlebred magazines at this time of year.  However, the added perspective of nearly 80 years of breeding history shows the importance and huge impact of many of these stallions.  It reads like the Who's Who of the American Saddlebred world.  Published in Lexington, Kentucky by Mat Cohen, trainer of the great show mare Edna May, American Horseman had first been published in 1933 under the name The Kentucky Horseman.  Its 94 pages were packed with ads, pictures, stories and horse show results.  This post will share some of the stallion ads it contained.

Sun Beau
f. 1928  My Own Love X Squirrel Lady by Red Eagle
Glad Acres of Dallas Texas owned this stallion who graced the 
inside front cover of the magazine.  He was sire of Beau Gallant and Beau Fortune,
making him the grand sire of Gallant Guy and My My.
Edna May's King
f. 1918   Bourbon King X Edna May by Rex Peavine
Another Texas stallion graced the very next page.  
The sire of Anacacho Shamrock & Anacacho Denmark may give
him claim to being the most important stallion advertised in this issue.

San Juan and Minton Hickory Stables both had large ads, 
and they have both been subjects of previous posts.  

Stonewall King
f. 1920  My King X Gloriann by Rex Peavine
Owned by Murray Cason of Stephens, MO, here is yet another
breed builder of the modern Saddlebred.  Sire of Stonewall Supreme, 
Starheart Stonewall, Stonewall Premier and Golden Stonewall, 
he continues to make his mark.

Beau Peavine
f. 1929  Jean Val Jean X Fair Acres Vanity Fair by Lord Highland
Owned by Spindletop Farm in Lexington, Ky, he continues
to be an influence through his daughters Marie Bosace,  Rita Le Rose 
and Abie's  Baby, all members of the Broodmare Hall of Fame.

Kentucky Choice
This unflattering photo was used in the ad by Corrigan Brothers of 
Cornell, Illinois.  They owned and stood Kentucky Choice' son, 
My Best Choice, who in turn sired Beau Wolf, the gelding who
won the World's 5 Gaited Grand Championship as a 4 year old.  
The ad was for My Best Choice, although that wasn't apparent at first glance.
In his day, Kentucky Choice was a successful show horse and
here is a more flattering photo where the roof doesn't look like part of his head.  

Cameo Kirby
f. 1929  Edna May's King X Jane Black by San Vicente
This full brother to Anacacho Denmark stood at the Sierra Vista Stock Farm
in Chino California.  He'll be forever remembered for siring 
WGC's The Lemon Drop Kid and Bit O'Chatter.  
His best breeding son was Ensign Kirby.

Gallant Knight
f. 1933  Mercer Rex X Highland Perle by Bourbon King
Only a 3 year old at the time of this ad, he was owned by R. H. Whitten of Los Angeles, CA.
He was later owned by CP Edwards of Ridgefields Farm in Tennessee.

American Born
f. 1921   Guided by Love X Lena Jemison by Highland Denmark
He was the number one ranked sire from 1932 through 1935
and was owned by Nawbeek Farm in Paoli, PA.  

King's Genius
f.  1924  Bourbon King X Princess Eugenia by Chester Peavine
Owned by Selby Stud of Portsmouth, Ohio at the time of this ad.  
Great show horse, great sire of show horses, breeding stallions and
Hall of fame mares, he's my choice for most influential sire.  Ever. 
More info on King's Genius in previous posts.

King Barrymore
f.  1921  Bourbon King X Kate Barrymore by McDonald Chief
Like his sire, he was owned by Allie Jones of N. Middleton, KY. 
Sons Captain Courageous and Anderson Rex carry on his name.

Mercer Rex
No picture included on the ad for this son of Rex Peavine,
so here is one for reference.
Owned by George Gwinn of Gwinn Island Stock Farm in Danville, KY.

American Ace
f. 1929  American Born X Kathryn Haines by Rex Monroe
The ad says, " A better bred Stallion does not live!"
At this time, he stood at Pennypack Stock Farm, Southampton, PA.

Admiral's Peavine
f.  1924  Admiral King X Fanny Fern by Rex Peavine
Owned by Green Valley Farm in Wheaton, Illinois

Barrymore's Masterpiece
f.  1929  King Barrymore X Galli Curci by REx Peavine
Owned by Chestnut Ridge Stables in Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey
Wonderful confirmation! 

Dr. McChord
f.  1929  McDonald Peavine X Margaret Louise by Red Rex
Owned by Ottawa Creek Farm in Berkey Ohio

Dazzling McDonald
f.  1930  Red McDonald X May Tucker by Bourbon Tucker
He was o wned by Charles Doll of Mount Clemens Michigan
and his best offspring was Ottawa's Empress.

Knob Creek Denmark
f. 1923  Red Light 2nd X Celia Peavine by King Vine
Here is a product of the Thompson's Knob Creek breeding program.  
At this time, he was owned by T J Moss of St. Louis, MO.

Proctor's Red Light
f.  1927  Red Light 2nd X Dollie C by Chester Crest
Another son of Red Light 2nd, he was  owned by Pinehurst Stables in Orange, Texas

Silver Mac
f. 1923  McDonald's Majesty X Dapple by Rex Bernard
Best known for his daughter Blessed Event who was
the dam of Genius Bourbon King, he was owned by 
Harris Noland of Richmond, KY

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