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5/31/15 Desert's Supreme Admiral

Recently I had a request for a picture of Desert's Supreme Admiral.  I was able to locate some photos, and although I didn't know much about the horse, his name was very familiar.  So why not look a little further.  The place to start is with Desert's Supreme Admiral's breeder, Walter J. Bush.  Mr. Bush was a business man who grew up on a farm in Missouri and had American Saddlebreds.  He decided to begin raising American Saddlebreds in 1975.  He founded Desert Oasis Ranch in Chandler Arizona and began breeding some very good American Saddlebreds, such as Mountain Highland memories, CH Memories' Citation, CH Memories' Paragon and Desert's Supreme Memories.  Perhaps an even greater contribution was helping to create the ASHA database so that he and others could better research bloodlines of the American Saddlebred.  What a gift!  Mr. Bush passed away last fall at the age of 85.

Walt Bush bred horses for 13 years, when in 1988, he decided to have a dispersal sale of his breeding stock and prospects.  Although he stated in his catalog that he was getting out of the breeding business, he bought back several of his horses, including Mountain Highland Memories, and he continued to breed horses until the time of his death.  One of the horses he did not put through the dispersal sale in 1988 was Desert's Supreme Admiral.  He continued to own him for his entire life and used him as a breeding stallion.  Born in 1985, his last offspring was foaled in 2005. 

Here is a look at the pedigree of Desert's Supreme Admiral, and a few of his colts. 

Desert's Supreme Admiral CH Courageous Admiral Wing's Fleet Admiral   CH Wing Commander
  The Genius' Queen    
Indiana JEM (BHF) Indiana Ace
 Courageous Tillie   
Desert's Queen Anna Sultan's SantanaSupreme Sultan 
 Grand View's Majorette (BHF)
With A Star  Private Contract   
 Starheart's Cinderella

CH Courageous Admiral, his sire
Wing's Fleet Admiral, his grandsire
Sultan's Santana, his dam's sire
CH Technistar, a WGC 3 gaited horse and full brother to 
Cinderella's Starheart who was Desert's Supreme Admiral's  3rd dam.

Here are five pictures of Desert's Supreme Admiral 

Here are three of his breeding sons and all were bred by Walter Bush:

Desert's Supreme Gold 
out of Star's Flying Flower, a full sister to the dam of Town Flower (BHF)

Desert's Supreme Memories
out of Desert's Precious Memories by Mountain Highland Memories
He was a good 5gaited show stallion for Virgil Helm 
Dylann's Desert Admiral
out of Supreme Cappio by Longview's Paladin

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  1. Thanks for these photos! They are great!

  2. thanks for posting the pix of him standing naturally in the middle with no tack.