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11/8/14 1968 Kentucky State Fair Jr. Exhibitor results

11/8/14  Part 2 of the 1968 KSF Horse Show program features the Junior Exhibitor classes.  The class offerings back then were vastly different.  Not including equitation classes, there were only five junior exhibitor classes.  There was a 5 Gaited Mare class, 5 Gaited gelding class, 3 Gaited mare class, 3 Gaited gelding class, and the Minton Memorial for 3 gaited horses.  That's it.  No champion classes, nothing was divided.  They had to bring their "A" game to each class, because there was no opportunity for adjustment when they showed back in the championship.  There was a pleasure horse class, but it doesn't appear that the entrants were all registered, including one entry named What's 'Er Name.

Dr. Elrod's program didn't have results from the equitation classes, but some of the youths listed as entrants included Debbie Foley, Frankie Bird, Dana Lyon, Carol Auerbach, Mary Gaylord, Barbe Walton, Jamie Davis, Kristy Gruenberg, R.H. Bennett, Jane Lederer, Nancy Fisher, Janet Henry, Cindy Zubrod, Cathy Noble,  Debbie Basham and Andrea Walton.  Quite a number of these exhibitors are still involved in one way or another with the saddle horse industry.

Here are the results:

Class 50  Junior Exhibitor 5 Gaited Gelding
1.  Sparkling Choice
2.  Imperial Knight
3.  Squadron Commander
4.  The Lancer
There was a workout in this class.

CH Sparkling Choice and Cathy Henley
f. 1960, Sparkling Waters X Fairy Ring (BHF)
CH Imperial Knight and Julianne Schmutz
f. 1964  Night of Folly X Fancy's Trixie Genius
CH The Lancer
f. 1955  Stonewall Premier X Rose Fleetwood (BHF)

Class 60  Junior Exhibitor 5 Gaited Mare
1.  Lily Merrill
2.  Commander's Countess
3.  Mary Poppins
4.  Stonewall's Sound of Music
5.  Happiness Is
6.  Holiday's Best Wishes (Best Wishes of Marywood)

CH Lily Merrill and Marion Hutcheson
f. 1961  Indiana Peavine x Ensign's Fair Virginia (BHF)
CH Commander's Countess and Julianne Schmutz
f. 1958  CH Wind Commander X Gwinn Island Animation
shown as Mary Poppins and Mary Hediger
unsure of breeding since this was her show name

CH Stonewall's Sound of Music and Peggy Higgins
f. 1962  Stonewall Supreme X A Perfect Mate to a Perfect Jewel (BHF)
Holiday's Best Wishes and Jenny Dulworth
f. 1959  The Parading Promise X Shiny Sue (BHF)
Her registered name was Best Wishes of Marywood.  It turns out
that she survived a broken leg and months in a cast to have a
second career as a broodmare for Leslie Lane Farm in Midland Michigan.

Class 54  Minton Memorial Perpetual Trophy Class, 39th Anniversary, 3 Gaited
1.  Local Talent
2.  (Dream Hill's) Ann Thompson
3.  Follarama
4.  Flavor Taste
5.  entry
6.  Miss Barbara
7. (Sally's) Dear Sir
Dr. Elrod noted in a couple of places the Dear Sir was bad.  He had a physician's penmanship, so I can't make it out completely, but it's plain that he didn't approve.  Dear Sir had won this class in 1966. Ann Thompson was VG for very good, and Flavor Taste was noted as bad manners. 
CH Local Talent and April Denham
f. 1958  American Dictator X Front Cover by King's Genius

CH (Dream Hill's) Ann Thompson and Tricia Henley
f. 1963 Stonewall Supreme X Emily's Daughter (BHF)
This mare eventually entered the Broodmare Hall of Fame
In 1968 she was shown by Tricia's sister Cathy Henley.
Follarama  and Cathy Conroy
Here's another one that was't shown under his registered name.
Flavor Taste and Marion Hutcheson
f. 1958  Reverie's Bourbon Gale X Ensign's Fair Virginia (BHF)
CH (Sally's) Dear Sir and Sally Quillian
f. 1959  The Esquire Genius X Peavine Rosebud
He was shown as Dear Sir
Class 58 Junior Exhibitor 3Gaited Gelding
1.  Jasper Wildcat
2.  Belemar King
3.  Fancy Stonewall
4.  Follarama

The Jasper Wildcat and Jennifer Miller
f. 1963  Genius Bourbon King X Midnight Kate

Just a note: There is no picture of Belemar King, but he was a half brother to CH Denmark's Daydream, the WGC 5Gaited Champion of 1961 & 1962.  

Class 63  Junior Exhibitor 3 Gaited mare
1.  Penny Stonewall
2.  Local Talent
3.  Anne Marie
4.  Annaclair
CH Penny's Stonewall and Jay Altmayer
f. 1955  Stonewall Supreme x Penny Co-Ed (BHF)
shown as Penny Stonewall
CH Local Talent
(Our) Anne Marie
f 1961  CH Valley View Supreme X Marie Bosace (BHF)
She was shown as Anne Marie
(My) Annaclair and Janet Henry
f 1957  Ridgefields Denmark X Emerald's Sweet Sue
She was shown as simply Annaclair

Dr. Elrod noted in this class that Flavor Taste was off balance, and she didn't place.  In 1964, Flavor Taste had been the Reserve World's Grand Champion 3 gaited horse, but evidently the 1968 KSF wasn't her show in Dr. Elrod's opinion.  That's too bad since she was obviously a very talented and lovely mare.

Come back next week to view the results of the Amateur section.

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