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11/30/14 A Broodmare Triple Treat

11/30/14 A Broodmare Triple Treat

After four weeks of Michigan Saddlebreds followed by four weeks of the 1968 Kentucky State Fair Horse Show results, what should come next?  I was kicking around a few ideas in my head, but then I spotted a cute picture of three Saddlebred broodmares on Facebook.  They were standing in front of a barn, just staring perfectly at the camera as if someone had lined them up at a show.  My soft spot for broodmares made me decide very quickly to feature three mares from the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  There are many to choose from, and some have already been done, so these are the three I pulled out of a hat. They are very unique mares, from different eras, and are very different from one another.
Just waiting for spring!

Annie C. was one of the first mares inducted into the BHF and was written up in the 1986 May/June issue of the American Saddlebred magazine.    When bred to Bourbon Chief, she produced the full brothers Bourbon King, Marvel King, Brilliant King & Montgomery Chief.  I can’t imagine a horse today that doesn't trace to this mare.

Annie C.  (BHF)
f. 1891  Wilson's King by Harrison Chief X Kate by Richelieu King

Bourbon King

Montgomery Chief

Brilliant King

Marvel King

Miss Chatterbox  produced 4 colts, all gelded, and 3 fillies.  Of the three fillies, only one reproduced and those offspring did not have any colts.  Therefore, Miss Chatterbox has no living descendants left after only two generations.  So why did she make the BHF?  Two of her gelded sons were WGC’s in Fine Harness.  They were the great CH Lemon Drop Kid and his full brother CH Bit O’Chatter that was shown as High Button Shoes.  Miss Chatterbox did have a full sister who also ended up as a broodmare.  You can read more about Milady Betty here:

Miss Chatterbox (BHF) f. 1935   Pure Denmark X Milady Minton (BHF) by Crouch's Chief
Miss Chatterbox (BHF)
shown by Marty Mueller in 1945 in a 5-gaited mare class

CH The Lemon Drop Kid
Cameo Kirby X Miss Chatterbox (BHF) 
WGC Fine Harness 1956 -1959

CH Bit O'Chatter, shown as High Button Shoes
A full brother to The Lemon Drop Kid, he was WGC FH in 1955

Melody O’Lee (BHF)

If she only had been the dam of Supreme Sultan, her place in Saddlebred history would be secure, but she also produced CH Lilli O’Lee, Supreme Dugger, and Super Supreme.   She died in 1974 at the age of 21.
Melody O'Lee (BHF)
f. 1953  Anacacho Denmark X Judy O'Lee (BHF) by Leatherwood King

Supreme Sultan by Valley View Supreme out of Melody O'Lee
Super Supreme was a full brother to Supreme Sultan

CH Lilli O'Lee by Genius Bourbon King X Melody O'Lee

And of course I had to include my favorite broodmare

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