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11/22/14 1968 Kentucky State Fair - Stake night

11/22/14  Here is the 4th and final installment about the results found in the 1968 Kentucky State Fair Horse Show Official Program.  The cost was $1.00 and it wasn't nearly as large as the programs we have today.  The last three weeks of this blog have featured young horses, junior exhibitors and amateur exhibitors, but the best was saved for last.  The show also included Hackney ponies, pleasure horses (on a very limited scale), county fair classes, equitation, roadsters, Tennessee Walkers and pony classes in its 103 classes. 

Let's look at who showed in these classes.  Of course, My-My was the reigning 5-Gaited horse.  This powerful mare had won for the last five years and was attempting to match the record of the great Wing Commander with 6 consecutive wins.  Could she do it?  In the 3 gaited division, Bellissima was the returning champion.  Would she and trainer Tom Moore win another championship?  Duke of Daylight was a two time champion in Fine Harness, and was often shown by his amateur owner.  He won the Ladies Fine Harness Stake with Mrs. Palmer in 1968, but would he come back in the championship stake to show with trainer Tom Moore?  Note how many of these horses are now  CHampions, although the designation didn't exist in 1968. 

Class 16 Fine Harness Mare
1.  Captivation - registered as CH Folly's Gypsy
2.  CH Mountain Highland Voodoo
3.  CH Look at Me from Rose-a-Lee - shown as Look at Me
4.  Sea Angel -there is no horse registered in this name  *see more info under FH Stake*
CH Look at Me from Rose-A-Lee
f. 1963  King of Rose-A-Lee X Lucy Kilmer (BHF) by American Ace

Class 18  5 Gaited stallions
1.  CH Young America - he was exported to South Africa
2.  Sunset Commander

Sunset Commander
f. 1956  CH Wing Commander X Anacacho Del Oro by Edna May's King

Class 30  Fine Harness Stallion Gelding
1.  King's Quality there is no horse with this registered name *see note below*
2.  CH Jimmy Gray
3,  Town Tweed yet another case of a horse whose show name doesn't match his registered name
4.  CH Vanity's Gift
CH Vanity's Gift
f. 1957  Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly X Danshall's Gift of Roses (BHF) by Anacacho Denmark

Class 32 3 Gaited under 15.2
1.  CH Bellisima     -picture below
2.  CH Lover's Sensation - picture below
3.  Satan's Sister
4.  Fancy Stonewall, the registered horse of this name lived in the 1940's.

Class 36  5 Gaited Mare
1.  CH My-My
2.  CH Anacacho Chapel Belle
3.  CH Stonewall's Sound of Music - she also showed in the Ladies division
     and is pictured on last week's post.
4.  Whyworry Blackbird
also listed among the entries in this class were Delightful Time, Empress Wing and Vanity's Belle.
Empress Wing was the dam of Imperator and Vanity's Belle was the dam of Santana's Charm.

My My and Frank Bradshaw in an unusual photo
Whyworry Blackbird
f. 1963  Rhythm Command X Ace's Dark Jewel (BHF) by American Ace.

Class 51  3 aited over 15.2
1.  CH Forest Song  she is pictured below
2.  Black Bonita

Class 55 5 aited Geldings
1.  CH Glory Kalarama  both are pictured below
2.  CH Giddy-Up-Go 

Class 98 3 Gaited World's Grand Champion
1. CH Bellisima - she won again in 1969 and was RWGC in 1970
2.  CH Lover's Sensation  - she was RWGC again in 1969, but won the WGC in 1970
3. CH  Forest Song    she was the WGC 3-gaited champion in 1966 as a 3 year old
4.  First Nighter - AKA Bourbon's Big Boy
5.  Hope Diamond  -  the horse registered under this name foaled in 1980
CH Bellisima
f. 1962  Valley View Supreme X Fairview's Gay Divorcee by Peavine's Genius

CH Lover's Sensation
f. 1962   Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly X CH Lover's Lane by CH Anacacho Shamrock
CH Forest Song
f. 1963  CH Broadlands Captain Denmark X Ace's Roberta by American Ace

First Nighter  registered as Bourbon's Big Boy
f. 1960  Ace O'Goshen X Lady Purnell by Sun O'Gun

Class 100 Fine Harness World's Grand Champion
1.  Tashi Ling - she won 1968 thru 1971
2.  Duke of Daylight WGC in 66, 67, RWGC in 1969
3.  Captivation AKA CH Folly's Gypsy
4. King's Quality  *see picture below*
5. Sea Angel   *see picture below*
6.  Vanity's Gift - was reserve WGC in 1963

Tashi Ling
f. 1959  CH Wing Commander x CH Emerald Future (BHF) by Anderson Rex

CH Duke of Daylight
f. 1960  Majestic Ensign X Christiana lea by Christiana King
King's Quality
I found a picture of him, but this is not his registered name
**12/23/14  Found him at last.  His registered name is CH My Genius Dare
f. 1955  Royal Sunwise Dare X Spring Folly by Ridgeview's Peavine Genius
In 1964 he was reserve in the 5-Gaited Gelding Stake, Marion Brown up, but
was shown in Fine Harness in 1968, Marion Brown whip.
Sea Angel aka CH Nan Sea (BHF)
**12/24/14  I found her mentioned in an article and her name is actually CH Nan Sea, so once I found that I was able to find her picture as well.  
f.  1957  Bobby Sea X Highland Heart (BHF) by Heart of Glory

Class 103 5 Gaited World's Grand Champion
 1.  CH My-My
2.  CH Glory Kalarama
3.  Giddy-Up-Go    RWGC in 1972 and 1974
4.  Anacacho Chapel Bells
5.  Lily Merrill   she qualified in the Jr. Exhibitor class
6.  Hayfield's Bold Knight

CH My-My
f. 1957  Beau Fortune X Daneshall's Easter Parade (BHF) by Masked Marvel

CH Glory Kalarama
f. 1959  Heart of Glory X Command's Anita by Kalarama Command

CH Giddy-Up-Go
f. 1962  CH Sylvania's Choice X Beau's Benita Peavine of Undulata by Beau Gallant

CH Anacacho Chapel Belle
f. 1963  Genius' Flying Saucer X Float Away by Anacacho Sea

CH Lily Merrill
f. 1961  Indiana Peavine X Ensign's Fair Virginia (BHF) by Ensign Kirby

Hayfield's Bold Knight
f. 1963  CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen X Graceful Genius (BHF) by CH King's Genius

Somewhere we need a criss-cross directory of show names and registered names.  So glad that isn't allowed anymore.  That wraps up the 1968 Kentucky State Fair.  Less than two months later, CH My-My developed a liver problem and died in October 1968 at age 11.  We'll never know if she could have gone on to break the record and win seven consecutive 5-Gaited Grand Championships. 

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