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11/2/14 1968 Kentucky State Fair results

1968 Kentucky State Fair Horse Show Program

While digging through a pile of old horse show programs, the 1968 Kentucky State Fair program popped up and decided to be the topic for the next couple of weeks.  This program belonged to Dr. Robert Elrod.  Apparently he didn't get to Louisville until Wednesday, but after that, most of the classes had all the results noted along with an occasional comment.  Back then, the show didn't start until Monday afternoon, not Sunday night like it is now.  There were a total of 103 classes, which is also way down from nowadays.  Then as now, the early days were filled with futurity classes.  Unfortunately, in this program, these classes had no results.  However, many of the participants and their famous parents read like a who's who of the Saddlebred world.  Even without results, there is some very interesting info to be found.  That's why this week will look at the futurity classes and other youngster classes such as the 2 year olds, 3 year olds and junior horses.  Next week will look at the stake horses, amateurs and junior exhibitor classes.

There were 209 mares nominated for the weanling division of the American Sadde Horse Breeders Futurity of Kentucky.  Top breeders and their stallions included:
 Jim Aikman/Hide-A-Way's Firefly Supreme,
Tom Biederman/Starheart Peavine,
Frank Bradshaw/Wingmaster,
Garland Bradshaw/Oman's Anacacho Rhythm,
Castleton Farms/Wing Commander and Vanity's Sensation,
George Gwinn/Buck and Wing,
Happy Valley Stables/Indiana Peavine,
 Knolland Farms/Private Contract,
Dan Mize/Stonewall Premier,
Billy Mountjoy/Mountjoy's Denmark Jewel,
Plainview Farms/Wing Rhythm,
Dr. E.L. Robinson/Wing's Fleet Admiral,
Mrs. Wm. P. Roth/Rhythm Command,
Alvin Ruxer/Valley View Supreme,
Alice Seabright/Stonewall Supreme
 H. G. Whittenberg/Gallant Guy O'Goshen. 
Many farms had 8 to 10 mares nominated, but far and away, the largest breeder was Castleton Farms with 27 mares.  Certainly 209 weanlings didn't participate, but what a great pool to start with.  Many of the mares nominated ended up being in the Broodmare Hall of Fame (BHF) including Garastanna Dancer, Carol Trigg, Clover Princess, Oman's Blanchita Blossom, Lovely Ina, American Sunset, Melody O'Lee, Duchess of Grandview, Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful, Supreme Fascination and Mona Denmark. 
While there are no results, and I'm unsure of the participants, these horses were eligible for this class.  Of course these pictures are well past their weanling days. 

High Ideal
f. 1968 CH Wing Commander X High Fashioned Sue

Meadow Romeo
f. 1968  Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly X Meadow Blossom

Princess Commander
f. 1968  CH Wing Commander X Princess Margaret O'Goshen

Super Supreme
f. 1968  Valley View Supreme X Melody O'Lee
A full brother to Supreme Sultan

The Great One
f. 1968  Valley View Supreme X Kate's Fine Feathers

Wing Shot
f. 1968  CH Wing Commander X Carol Trigg  (BHF)

The yearling class had 152 colts nominated.  Additional top mares like Black Cherry, Plainview's Julia, Fluffy McDuffy, A Sheer Delight, Ridgefield's Flora, Queen's Genius of Belemar, Parading Princess and Hide-A-Way's Laura Belle eventually entered the BHF.  Other good producers or former show mares were Commander's Love, Primrose Path, Just Plain Jane, Chocolate Kiss and Crebilly's Hi Note.  Again, no results, but these horses were eligible.
Hayfield's American Beauty W
f. 1967  Gallant Guy O'Goshen X Hayfield's Star Lite

Wildwood's Desire renamed CH Ridgefields' Cherry Jubilee
f. 1967 Ridgefields' Genius X Black Cherry (BHF)

Step Right
f. 1967  CH Wing Commander X High Fashioned Sue

Other nominated colts from 1967 were Wing's Charmer, Oriental Aire, and CH Wings of Fortune. 

The two year old futurity division still included 62 nominated colts for a fine harness class.  More BHF mares added to this group were Chocolate Parfait, Lover's Lane, Lucy Kilmer, Lovely Ina and Grand View's Majorette.  These horses were in the eligible group.
Baron De Bastrop
f. 1966  Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly X Primrose Path

CH Gold Treat
f. 1966  Oman's Anacacho Rhythm X Garastanna Dancer (BHF)

CH Princess Blanchita
f. 1966  Wing's Fleet Admiral X Oman's Blanchita Blossom (BHF)

Supreme Sultan
f. 1966  Valley View Supreme X Melody O'Lee (BHF)
He placed 3rd in the 2YO Fine Harness Futurity class

Other top 2 year olds who had been nominated were American Sunset Supreme, Hide-A-Way's Lotta Firefly and Crimson Bow out of Croft's Star.

The final futurity group was the three year olds, which included 42 colts.  They were split into 3 gaited, 5 gaited and fine harness classes.  A couple of new dams who eventually made their way to the BHF were Gorgeious Huldy and Daneshall's Gift of Roses.  These horses participated.
CH Broadland's Patrician Lady
 f. 1965  Broadland's Captain Denmark X Ace's  Patrician Lady
She won the 3YO Fine Harness Futurity
Supreme Dugger was 2nd, he was Supreme Sultan's full brother.
CH Maker's Mark
f. 1965  Valley View Supreme X Croft's Star
3rd place 3YO Fine Harness Futurity

Ernestine Supreme
f. 1965  Valley View Supreme X American Sunset
She won the 3 YO 3Gaited Futurity

Plainview's Commander
 f. 1965  CH Wing Commander X CH Plainview's Julia (BHF)
Other top 3 year olds nominated for the futurity were Rose Medallion, Arbor Rose, Jennifer Jane, Supreme Fable, and Hayfield's Majorette.

Besides futurity classes which required nominations, there were regular open classes for 2 year  old, 3 year olds, and junior horses age 4 and under.   
Class 53 was the 3 year  old Fine Harness class and here are the results.
1. Broadland's Patrician Lady
2. Clover Mist
3. Supreme Dugger
4. Eerie Echo
Broadland's Patrician Lady also won the open 3YO Fine Harness class.

CH Clover Mist
f. 1965  Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly X Clover Princess (BHF)
2nd place 3YO Fine Harness class

Class 59 was the Junior Fine Harness stake
1. Glenview Radiance
2. Silver Sensation
3. The Denmark Kid
4. Pedro's Dream

Class 64 was the Junior 5 Gaited Stake
1. Delightful Time
2.  Wing's Fair Lady
3.  Yorktown !!!
4.  Lilli O'Lee
CH Delightful Time 
f. 1964 CH Wing Commander X Carol Trigg (BHF)
CH Yorktown
f. 1964  CH Wing Commander X Oman's Anacacho Maytime (BHF)
A few years later, he was WGC 5 Gaited horse.

CH Lilli O'Lee
f. 1964  Genius Bourbon King X Melody O'Lee (BHF)

CH Wing Flame 7th
f. 1964  CH Wing Commander X High Point Flame (BHF)
She produced one daughter, My Flame.  My Flame in turn produced colts
What About Bob, Mystical Mood, CH My Grande and stallions
My Magical Moment and How Fortunate. 

Class 77 was the 2 year old Fine Harness stake
1.  Lotta Firefly
2. Virginia J.
3. Top Brass
4.  Buck's Girl
CH Hide-a-way's Lotta Firefly
f.  1966 Hide-a-way's Firefly Supreme X Just Plain Jane (BHF)

Class 82 was the Junior 3 Gaited stake
1.  Ernestine Supreme (pictured above)
2.  Clover Vanity
3. Wild and Lovely
4.  Vanity's Blossom

CH Wild and Lovely, 3rd
f. 1964  Starheart Peavine X June Melody

Class 92 was the 2 year old 5 Gaited stake
1.  Tribal Wave
2.  Rare Adventure
3.  Hayfield's Gallant Prince
4.  Mountjoy After Six

Next week looks at more results from lots more classes. 

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