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8/22/14 Nancy Thurman (BHF) hits 100

8/22/14 It’s hard to believe The American Saddlebred blog has been up and running for over a year and a half.  Today’s episode marks the 100th post, so it has to be special.  Broodmares are my soft spot, Buddy (Best Saddlebred Ever) was my inspiration, and so why not do a post on one of his dams?   There has already been a post on Buddy’s BHF’s, so this is going in depth on his 5th dam, Nancy Thurman (BHF).  And she even shows up twice in his pedigree.  When I looked her up, it turns out she foaled in 1914, 100 years ago.  Perfect!

Nancy Thurman foaled 5/19/14.  Her breeder R F Paull of Columbia KY sold her soon after birth to L Ray Thurman of Kalarama Farms, the owner of her sire Rex Monroe.  She was broken to saddle by Joe Walker, a longtime trainer, groom and care taker at Kalarama.  Nancy was a great show mare, showing both under saddle and in harness and was the winner of over 100 blue ribbons.  Nancy Thurman had a major dislike of autos, which followed her through her life.  She had once been hit by a car and the harness was ripped off her.  After that, she would jog between rows of cars if she was on her way to the show ring, but if she couldn’t get into the ring, she lunged and reared in fright. 
Nancy Thurman was retired to the broodmare ranks in 1921.  Joe Walker was told to ride her to the farm where Rex Peavine stood.  It was a mere 65 mile ride to the Hockaday Farm in Silver Creek, Kentucky.  The mare never tired and was always ready to go.  As she rode into the yard, a group of dogs came off the porch to greet the approaching mare.  She began to strut and snort and Mr. Hockaday announced that he thought Nancy Thurman would have Rex Peavine’s best colt.  He proved correct because the following spring of 1922, Nancy Thurman foaled Kalarama Rex.
Nancy Thurman was rebred to Rex Peavine in 1922 and was in foal.  However, she was loaded onto a truck for the first time in her life.  She went berserk, and ended up jumping out of the truck.  Her resulting injuries caused her to lose her foal.  She was bred to Rex Peavine again and had Easter Gift, a full sister to Kalarama Rex, in 1924.  She was described as pretty, but there is no mention of a show record.  She was Buddy’s 4th dam.
Her 1925 filly, Glow Worm, was sired by Jean Val Jean, but died as a 2 year old.  Her 1926 filly was Magic Peavine, sired by her son, Kalarama Rex.  There was no foal in 1927, but her 1928 foal was Nancy Monroe by her own sire, Rex Monroe.  In 1928 she caught a break and was bred to non-family.  She produced the Racketeer by American Born in 1929.  She then skipped a year and in 1931 produced Royal Genius by CH King’s Genius.  In 1932, another King’s Genius colt arrived, Pirate Gold.  1933 brought Kalarama Champion by American Born, then she skipped 1934.  In 1935, another American Born son, Kalarama Master arrived.  Gay Soubrette, a bay filly by Gay Bandit was born in 1936 and her last filly arrived in 1938, Nancy Beau sired by Beau Peavine.  Nancy was 24 at this time, and had been blind for a number of years.  Although they would put bells on her foals to help her locate them, if they were still or asleep, Nancy Thurman could become frantic. 
Once Nancy Thurman’s broodmare days were over, they put a companion mare in with her.  She was high strung and the very things that made her a great show mare made her a pain in the rump to deal with.  If left alone she would worry herself, and if she had a companion too close by, she tried to back up and kick it.  The Thurman's didn't have any picture of Nancy Thurman, but due to her spectacular babies, they thought they should try to get a picture.  Try as they might, she wouldn't stand still long enough to have a decent photo taken.  This drawing is by the noted artist Helen Hayse.  Nancy Thurman remained in good health, but continued to be difficult to manage, so at age 27, she was euthanized.
Rex McDonald, her grandsire

Rex Monroe, her sire

                      NANCY THURMAN (BHF)  
Registration #: 12444
Color: BAY



Nancy Thurman (BHF)
Rex Monroe

Rex McDonald

Rex Denmark  
by Crigler’s Denmark
Lucy Mack (BHF)  
by Black Squirrel
Lena M
Herzogg  by Gaines’ Denmark
Lou  by Sumpter Denmark
Lula Chief

Montgomery Chief
Bourbon Chief by Harrison Chief
Annie C. (BHF) by Wilson’s King
   Elsie Owsley

Red Squirrel by Black Squirrel
Lula Carden by Artist 75

Here is a chronological listing of Nancy Thurman’s offspring.  Each subsequent generation is indented and marked with *, **, *** and ****. 
1922  Kalarama Rex by Rex Peavine, Reserve WGC Fine Harness 1929

Kalarama Rex
Kalarama Rex sired many good horses and will have his own post soon.  If he had been Nancy Thurman’s only foal, she would still be famous.  He sired, among others, Meadow Majesty, Red Kalarama, Kalarama King, Noble Kalarama, Society Rex, Kalarama Colonel, Royal Rex Sea,  Nellie Pigeon, Kalarama Heiress, and Kalarama Command. 

1924 Easter Gift by Rex Peavine  (Buddy's 4th dam)
      *Easter Sport, f. 1934 by King's Sport X  Easter Gift  (Buddy's 3rd dam)
                **  Easter Promenade, f. 1946 by Kalarama Colonel x Easter Sport (Buddy's 2nd dam)
                **  Colonel Sport, f. 1942 by Kalarama Colonel x Easter Sport

Colonel Sport He was a WC and RWC as a 3 year old at the KSF in 1945.
Nancy Thurman appeared twice on Colonel Sport's  registration papers, as dam of his
grandsire Kalarama Rex and also as his 3rd dam.

                             ***  RWGC CH Garrymore, f.1949 by Colonel Sport x American Maytime

Garrymore  He was a Reserve World's Grand Champion 5Gaited horse in 1957.
He won the gelding stake 3 times.

                           ***Parading Princess BHF, f. 1947 by Colonel Sport X CH Parading Promise
                                      ****Leslie Lane's Grand Slam, f.1963 by Starheart Stonewall x
                                                                                                       Parading Princess BHF

Leslie Lane's Grand Slam   He was Reserve World's Champion in 1975 Stallion Stake

                                        ****Parading Stonewall, f.1960 by Starheart Stonewall X
                                                                                                Parading Princess BHF

Parading Stonewall  He won the 3 gaited 3 year old class at Louisville in 1963

        * Easter's Genius, f. 1939 by CH King's Genius X Easter Gift

Easter's Genius  He stood in Illinois and sired colts over a 20 year period

1925 Glow Worm by Jean Val Jean, died young
1926 Magic Peavine by Kalarama Rex, gelding
1928  Nancy Monroe  by Rex Monroe
      *Paloel Rex f. 1932 by American Born X Nancy Monroe

Paloel Rex   He looks like the typical 1930's style 3 gaited horse.

1929 The Racketeer by American Born, gelding, 3rd 2yo Fine Harness KSF
1931 Royal Genius by CH King's Genius, geldng
1932 Pirate Gold by King’s Genius.  Reserve World's 5G Stallion stake in 1936

Pirate Gold  He was owned by Clifford Mooers who also owned his sire King's Genius

1933 Kalarama Champion by American Born, 3rd 2yo Fine Harness KSF 1935
         *Lady Jane Hytone f.1948 by Kalarama Champion X Hallie Hytone

Lady Jane Hytone
                     **Patent Leather Stonewall f. 1962 by Pat Stonewall X Lady Jane Hytone

Patent Leather Stonewall won 2 yr old Fine Harness stake at KSF in 1964 with Tom Moore

1935  Kalarama Master by American Born, 6th weanling stake at 1935 KSF.
    *Kansadle Master f .1939 by Kalarama Master X Kenney's Dare

Kansadle Master  He also sired colts over a 20 year period

1936  Gay Soubrette by Gay Bandit

Gay Soubrette

     *Ridgefields' Soubrette f. 1950 by CH Ridgefields' Genius x Gay Soubrette

Ridgefields' Soubrette  she won the 2yo Fine Harness Futurity at KSF in 1952

                    **Ridgefield Heir f. 1962 by Genius Bourbon King X Ridgefields' Soubrette 

Ridgefield Heir  He sired many of the Cedar Creek colts

          *Knight's Gay Lady f. 1944 Gallant Knight x Gay Soubrette

Knight's Gay Lady  She was reserve in the yearling open futurity at KSF in 1945

1938 Nancy Beau by Beau Peavine

And here is another of Nancy Thurman's descendants
Buddy, Best Ever.

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