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8/3/14 Glorious Grays part 4, the finale

8/3/14 Goodness "gray"cious, here are a bunch more gray horses sent by my friend Cheri, so they are definitely oldies.  This group points out a real improvement in modern saddlebreds.  That is, they must show under their registered names.  Back in the day, an owner could show their horse under whatever name they fancied at any given moment.

Clare's Premium
This is not his registered name.
According to the July 1950 National Horseman, this 5 gaited
gelding was a winner at the Milwaukee Wisconsin show, 
but there are no clues about his bloodlines.  

Easter Cavalier
According to his ad in the June 1945 National Horseman,
this gelding was by Grey Mac.  However, the horse 
registered as Easter Cavalier was sired by Orlawn Easter Star and foaled in 1942.
I'd guess the Grey Mac lineage is correct and that he was not registered, 
or if registered, he didn't  show under his registered name.

Elizabeth Lyons
Real name:  Dainty Princess
f. 1937, Tallula Mac by Silver Mac X Princess Pat by Outo Be King
The ad from June 1945 National Horseman listed her registration number,
parentage and owner, Josephine Abercrombie.  She did have one foal, born in 1947.
Its name?   Elizabeth Lyons!

Genius Mack
f. 1941, King's Genius X Maxie May by Silver Mac
His ad in the Sept 1947 National Horseman listed him as
one of several stallions for sale by owner Kalarama Farms.

In Society
Her ad in the December 1948 national Horseman stated
she was owned by Josephine Abercrombie's Pin Oak Stables.
No clues about her bloodlines, but the real In Society was
a gelding foaled in 1958.

Kalarama Barrymore
f. 1935 Kalarama Rex X Rose Barrymore by King Barrymore
This picture came from an ad in the July 1946 National Horseman

Reverie's Duchess
f. 1947, Anacacho Denmark X Atlasta Duchess by Savannah Rex
Her ad was in the January 1951 National Horseman

Royal Grey
f. 1938, Grey Mac X Jersey Girl by San Juan
He was born owned by Ottawa Creek Farm for awhile, as was his sire.
This ad from the June 1948 National Horseman had him standing at
stud in Lewiston, Idaho.

Silver Gleam
The real Silver Gleam foaled in 1917.  This ad was from the
December 1948 National Horseman, so his identity is another mystery.

Society Ann
f. 1942, Society Rex x hi Dixie (BHF) by Peavine's Highland Chief.
No mistaking the mare is this May 1947 National Horseman.

Stonewall Jackson
The original Stonewall Jackson foaled in 1863, and there were
many copy cats.  The ad from the July 1944 National Horseman
yielded his true identity by listing his registration number.  This was actually
 Stonewall Hugo, who was pictured in an earlier post under his correct name.
f. 1939, Stonewall King X Gray Diamond McDonald by Raven Mac

Stonewall McDonald
This horse really gets confusing. AHSA lists Stonewall McDonald as:
f. 1935  Stonewall King X Nancy McDonald by Montrose McDonald
An earlier post had a picture of Stonewall McDonald, owned by artist Jim Walls' father.
That horse was listed as being sired by Grey Mac by Lee Rose McDonald.
The ad from July 1944 National Horseman pictures 8 year old Stonewall McDonald
 and lists his sire as Lee Rose McDonald out of a Stonewall King mare. 
Lee Rose McDonald produced his last colt in 1934, so that doesn't work either.

Streak O Silver
Yup, no one by that name, but the ad in the May 1947
National Horseman lists his parents, so the facts come out.
Edgemorr's Dark Victory
f. 1939, Edgemorr's Beau Genius X The Royal Queen by Reveler

Sweet Campernelle
f. 1937, Anderson Rex X Mystery by Rex Monroe
She is actually listed as a "spotted golden" color.
Her ad was in the September 1937 National Horseman and called her a dapple gold.

White Cloud's Platinum Star
f. 1937, Chief White Eagle X American Rose by White Cloud
Her ad was in the July 1944 National Horseman

Now for a few modern horses,owing their beauty, versatility and gray color to
their sire Winsdown Hi Octane.

Dream Out Load
f. 2006, out of  Red Oak's Empress by CH Red Oak's Imagination

CH Ghost of Gypsy
f. 1999, out of CH Cinema by Chubasco

Magnolia Morning
f. 1999, out of Misty Blue Dream by Vanity's Blue Flame

Royal Crest's Stone Coal
f. 1999, out of Martha Layne by Center Ring

Winsdown Carnegie
f. 1995, out of Attila the Honey by Chubasco
He is a half brother to Winsdown Celebration

f. 2004, out of Lovely Rita by Prince La Ritz

Winsdown Vulcan Steel
f. 2000, out of Make Believe SLS by The Silver Lining
He is a half brother to Winsdown Black Gold.

Bacardi Silver
f. 2005, out of April Red Oak by CH Red Oak's Imagination

Clever Trevor
f. 2005, out of Emanuel's Supreme Star by Stonewall's Monogram

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And one more............
RWGC Parade of Elegance
f. 1928, Hermit by Bourbon King X Margaret Casteele by Rex Monroe
She was a Reserve World's Grand Champion in both the
Five Gaited and Fine Harness divisions.

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  1. Sweet Campernelle was a dappled palomino, not dappled gray. But some of those horses are lovely!