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8/9/14 Purely Personal

8/9/14 Today my daughter got married, so this is going to be a look back at some of the horses that she has known and loved through the years.  They aren't all Saddlebreds, but all have been important.

I was unable to locate an early picture of Megan with Buddy, so this is the
earliest  picture with a Saddlebred.  Our neighbor drove Billy Jo down to see us
and we all got a nice drive.  Melinda dyed her hair to match her horse!

Her first pony ride at age 3 was on Patches, the Pontius' pony.

Shortly after the pony ride, Megan announced she wanted a puppy
and a pony.  She must have had pull in the right places, because later that
spring, Rusty the German Shorthair followed me home one night from barn chores.
He was with us for 13 years. 

Also that summer, Molly the Shetland pony came to live with us.  

Molly was with us for three years until she went to live with the 
next little girl who wished for a pony.

Megan and Sally were born two weeks apart.  This picture
was taken when they were eight.

Sally was another one of my wonderful Saddlebreds.
She rode, she drove, she pulled a sleigh.
She lived with us for 16 years.

Since Sally was mine, Megan got a Quarter Horse.
Shotgun (Good Stuff Maynard) was 16 when we got him and lived to age 24.

With Shotgun came Prince, the "free" pony.  He was black when we got him,
but started to gray out shortly thereafter.  Here he is at his dapple gray stage.
He's snow white now, and 20 something.  

In 2007, Loretta came to live with us.  A former showgirl, she was just a mom for us.
Megan loves to make her work for her oats occasionally.

Here's Loretta at age 15.  She's a gal with an attitude and I can hear her
saying, "it's too cold for a ride".

Lyric and Megan at Twin Rivers in 2009.
Such a nice outdoor show. 

Megan and Lyric at Springfield Ohio in 2010. 

At the ASHAM show in the fall of 2010.

Lyric was a great girl for us for three seasons.

Megan and Dub at home.  

And no photo essay of Megan is complete without sheep.  
Horse shows never happened until after graduating from college.  
Megan was a livestock showman.  Here she is with Mikey at the Monroe County Fair. 
He was also Grand Champion at the Michigan Junior Sheep Spectacular
in Lansing Michigan.


It was an absolutely perfect day from the wedding in the orchard,
to the wonderful reception with the full moon backdrop.  

Thanks for letting me share.  Next week will be back to Saddlebreds as usual, 
but I hope you enjoyed this journey.  

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