Saturday, June 15, 2013

Buddy's BHF's

6/15/13  Buddy's sires, grandsires, great grandsires have already been accounted for, so why not list his female relatives, including the 17 Hall of Fame Broodmares that appear in his five generation pedigree?  Sure, especially since I have photos of most of them. Here is a generation by generation list of all his female relatives. 

Dam:  Vanity's Virginia, sorry no photo.  She was also 2nd dam of the breeding stallion Santana's Cameo which stood in Texas for many years. 

Granddams:  Again, no pictures, but I'm working on looking for Maid of Orleans since she was a 3 gaited show horse in the 1940's.  Easter Promenade was a full sister to breeding and show stallion Colonel Sport. 

3rd generation dams:  From top to bottom, Reverie's Desdemona (BHF), Moreland Maid (BHF), CH Meadow Vanity (BHF).  No picture of 3rd dam Easter Sport.

4th generation dams: From top to bottom, Jane Black (BHF), Spirit of Kentucky (BHF), Princess Eugenia (BHF), Youth's Charm, Ware's Sensation (BHF), Live Wire Beauty, Edith Gatley (BHF) and no picture of 4th dam Easter Gift (full sister to Kalarama Rex).

5th generation dams: From top to bottom, Edna May (BHF), Candy Kid, Princess Eugenia (BHF), Edith Gatley (BHF), Annie C (BHF), Queen of Lincoln, Lena Jemison (BHF), Sadie Smith, Golden Firefly (BHF), Rexie Madison, Spelling Bee (BHF), La Grand, Nancy Thurman (BHF), Mary Emily, Endora, Nancy Thurman (BHF)

Reverie's Desdemona (BHF)

Moreland Maid (BHF)

CH Meadow Vanity (BHF)

Jane Black (BHF) 

Spirit of Kentucky (BHF)
on the left

Princess Eugenia (BHF)

Ware's Sensation (BHF)

Edith Gatley (BHF)

Edna May (BHF)

Princess Eugenia (BHF)
She appears twice on his pedigree

Edith Gatley (BHF)
she appears twice on Buddy's pedigree

Annie C (BHF)

Lena Jemison (BHF)

Golden Firefly (BHF)

Spelling Bee (BHF)

Nancy Thurman (BHF)
She appears twice on his pedigree, but I don't have a picture.

7/14/14  Note:  In the January 1946 issue of National Horseman, there was an article about three 
grand broodmares, including Nancy Thurman.  They said there was no picture of her and she was such a nervous mare, she never stood still for a photo even as an older broodmare.  
They did have a drawing which is pictured below.

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