Friday, June 7, 2013

I is for Ice Cream

6/7/13   Most of the pictures posted in this blog  are of horses related to my saddlebreds, past and present.  Arriving at those horses whose names start with an I, the list was sparse.

The only ones on the list were Indiana Ace and his son Indiana Peavine.  That wouldn't do, so I tried Illinois and Iowa.  While there were a few horses with those states in their names, none had pictures on ASHA's website. So I started looking for power words.  Independence, Imperial, Indian.........Ice Cream! 

Indiana Ace
American Ace X Briney Breezes (BHF) by Kalarama Rex

 He sired some good colts and was imported to South Africa where he became an important breeding stallion.  He shows up in the pedigrees of lots of South African Saddlebreds.

Indiana Peavine
Indiana Ace X Rose of Spindletop by Beau Peavine

Among his colts were Glenview's Warlock, the one-eyed 3-gaited horse turn equitation superstar, the lovely Lily Merrill and show/breeding stallions Spellcaster and Wind-Sir.  If these were any indication, he sired very handsome colts.

Independence Chief sired Chief of Longview, who was World's Grand Champion in both Fine Harness and the 5-gaited stake.  Sorry, couldn't find a picture. 

Imperial Rights
Supreme Rights X Tommy's Lovely Pride by Blazing Genius

His dam also produced Pride of Ridgefield who sired Winsdown Hi Octane, Winsdown Black Gold, Preaux and The Karankawa Chief.  The Karankawa Chief only sired one colt before he was gelded, but that was Phi Slama Jama. 

Imperial Rights had Indian Penny in his pedigree, another "I" horse.

 Indian Penny was sired by Kalarama Colonel and out of a mare by Mountain Peavine. 

As for Ice Cream, sorry, no pictures, but several cute names.
Mr. Ice Cream sired Frosty Swirl Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sunday...............born on a Sunday?
Pickles and Ice Cream.........named by a pregnant woman?
Phice Cream (by Phi Slama Jama of course) was the dam of Phice Cream Sundae

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