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Double Duty Mares

5/30/13  By now, you know I love my broodmares, especially the old timers who did things the old fashioned way with no help from modern breeding technology.  The American Saddlebred Horse Association, ASHA, has a designation for some of it's finest broodmares who have entered the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  There are 305 mares, so far, that have the BHF label.  There is another designation for horses who have shown and won at least 15 points.  They are Champions.  There are also the Double Duty mares, who were show horses before they were broodmares and 22 of them carry both designations.  Here are some pictures of that elite group.  Note how many of these mares are World's Grand Champions or Reserve World's Grand Champions!

America Beautiful, WGC 3 gaited
By Desert Song, more info is in the 1/12/13 post.

Belle Le Rose, WGC 5-gaited
She was by American Born, more info in the 1/29/13 post.
This picture shows her winning her WGC title.  
2nd place went to CH Sweetheart on Parade and
3rd place was CH King's Genius.  Great class.

Chantilly Rose, 5 gaited
Also by Denmark's Bourbon Genius.

Dream Waltz, WGC 5 gaited
Sired by Anacacho Shamrock,
read more in the 3/1/13 post.

Dream Hill's Ann Thompson, 3 gaited
Another Stonewall Supreme daughter. 

Emerald Future, RWGC 3 gaited
Sired by Anderson Rex, she also
showed in fine harness.

Hollywood Excellence, WGC 3 gaited
Sired by Attache's Born Believer
Being a more modern mare, breeding technology
allowed her to continue showing at the same 
time she produced colts.

Kate Shriver, WGC fine harness
Kate was sired by Anacacho Denmark. 
More info in the 2/19/13 and 5/4/13 posts.

La La Success, WGC fine harness
Sired by Stonewall's Main Event

Nan Sea, fine harness
Sired by Bobby Sea

Oak Hill's Dear One, WGC 3 gaited
Sired by Denmark's Bourbon Genius.

Plainview's Julia, WGC 5 gaited
Sired by Genius of Kentucky

Sultan's Leather & Lace, WC 3 gaited
Sired by Supreme Sultan

Supreme Airs, WGC fine harness
Sired by Stonewall Supreme, 
her full sister Supreme Fascination was also BHF.

Meadow Vanity, WGC fine harness
Sired by Meadow Majesty, she earned several
WGC titles driven by her amateur owner.

Garland's Dream, WGC 5 gaited
Sired by Harlem Globetrotter

For the rest, I need to locate photos:

Arabesque - still haven't found a picture
Finally found her on 11/14/16, pictured with
her rider Jeanne Fergusson Petry.

Buck Creek Precious Princess, RWGC 3 gaited
I found this picture 6/22/13, two days after her famous son Merchant Prince perished in the fire at Happy Valley Farm.

Sultan's Supremacy, WC 3 gaited
located this picture from 1982 on 2/12/14

Caravelle, WC 5 gaited pleasure
*you need 15 points to become a CH, she has 176, the highest of any Saddlebred*
Found this picture on 2/12/14

Astra Music, multiple divisions
It took until 11/14/14 to locate this picture.

It's a Beautiful Day, 3 gaited pleasure
   *just found It's a Beautiful Day's picture on 12/28'/13.

2/1/14  Three more mares that entered the 2014 Broodmare Hall of Fame are also Champions. 
That brings the number of Double Duty mares to 25.  The new mares are:
CH Crystal Illusion, sired by Sultan's Santana, Fine Harness
CH That's My Story, sired by The New York Times, Park & Fine Harness
CH Undulata's Perfect Gift, sired by the New York Times, 3 Gaited

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