Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finally back to G


One of the reasons I was able to start my blog is that my kids upgraded my technology at home.  My home is located in a bit of a dead-zone as far as wireless or cable computer hookup availability.  My dial up (yes, dial up) service was so slow that it could take minutes for a page to turn.  Right before Christmas, they set me up on a wireless broadband through Verizon.  Ever the skeptic, I figured it wouldn’t work, since we had tried different things before.  Literally, when you zoom in on the map showing broadband availability, there is a 4 square mile triangle bulls eyed right over my home.   Lo and behold, it worked great and I too could watch You Tube videos, upload and download, and generally get things done in a timely fashion.  That is, until this past week when Verizon’s service took a dive on me.  Couldn’t do anything!  So now, it’s back to my blog and finishing up the G’s.  It’s been so long, I had to look where I left off. 

Genius of Stonyridge
King’s Genius X Kate Haines (BHF) by Sunflower

Genius of Stonyridge was a good breeding and show stallion and a full brother in a famous family of full brothers, Bourbon Genius, The Genius, Leatherwood Genius and Leatherwood King .  There was good reason his dam was BHF and his sire was probably my all-time favorite stallion.  Sounds like a topic for another day.  But for now, let’s reel me in and back to Genius of Stonyridge.  His daughter, Rachael’s Genius made it to the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  She had several nice colts who showed, and two daughters who were good producers.  Katie Boone was the dam of #1 sire Stonewall’s Main Event.  Daughter Becky Boone produced Lady O’Flirtation who was the dam of a nice stallion here in Michigan, Callaway’s Chancellor.

Callaway's Chancellor was sired by Will Shriver
and out of a daughter of Becky Boone

Stonewall's Main Event
Starheart Stonwall out of Katie Boone

Greystone’s Conestoga
Valley View Supreme X Lady Talmage by Wing Commander

This fellow didn’t sire a lot of colts, but had a few horses with show records.  He sired breeding stallions Captain Conestoga and Greystone’s Irish Commander who was renamed The Irish Commander.  He sired colts under both names, which is darn confusing and they don’t allow it anymore. 

Golden Stonewall
Stonewall King X Silver Moon (BHF) by The Courier

Golden Stonewall sired Sandalwood Stonewall, who in turn produced breeding stallions New Yorker and Sandalwood Supreme.    He also sired CH Imperial Stonewall who was shown in five gaited classes. 
          Half brothers New Yorker (by Yorktown) and Sandalwood Supreme (by Valley View Supreme).  Their dam was Sandalwood Stonewall by Golden Stonewall.

Stonewall Imperial by Golden Stonewall

Grape Tree’s Fox
Wing’s Fleet Admiral X Clarma’s Harmony by Clarma

Grape Tree’s Fox sired a number of CHampions and the good breeding stallion Fox Creek.  He also sired a lesser known stallion named Grape Tree’s Contract, whose 3rd dam was Cacho Kate.  I will talk more about her later.  Fox’s daughter Camilla Fox produced full siblings by Attache` including show & breeding mare Moet, breeding stallion Finally Attached and show gelding CH Unattached.

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