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12/28/13 Sexy Rexy

12/28/13    Way back in the day, The Ohio State Buckeyes football team had a quarterback named Rex Kern.  His nickname was Sexy Rexy, so I though it would be a good idea to borrow the nickname for this week's post on some of the awesome saddlebreds named Rex. 

Rex McDonald
foaled in 1890, sired by Rex Denmark and out of Lucy Mack
He traced back to Denmark FS on his sire line.
When you search his name on ASHA's website, 71 entries pop up, but he is the original.
Surprisingly, he has no daughters in the BHF.  He is represented by his three
most important sons, Rex Peavine, Rex Monroe and McDonald Chief.
Rex Peavine
foaled in 1899, sired by Rex McDonald out of Daisy 2d by Peavine 85.
See more on the post on Peavines.

Rex Monroe
foaled in 1903, sired by Rex McDonald out of Lena M.
He was intensely Denmark bred as his dam was a great-granddaughter of
Denmark FS, and his 2nd dam was also a great-granddaughter of Denmark FS.
With his sire's bloodlines, Rex Monroe had three close up doses of Denmark FS.
Rex Monroe is largely remembered through the contributions of his daughters.
Jonquil was a grand show mare, Nancy Thurman (dam of Kalarama Rex, see her post) and Kathryn Haines (dam of Kate Haines [see her post], American Ace, Kate Peavine BHF, Abie's Irish Rose BHF & Kingston's Choice) were both in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, and daughter Jean Acker was the dam of Pennypack's Pride (BHF) and 3rd dam of Yorktown. 

Rex Shadow
foaled in 1947, sired by Society Rex out of Velvet Shadow
He sired my husband's mare, Watch My Step,
see the post on Alloway's Saddlebreds.

Royal Rex Sea
foaled in 1933, sired by Society Rex out of Mountain Vine
He sired breeding stallion Bobby Sea, and BHF Royal Surprise.

Rex Chief A
foaled in 1905, sired by McDonald Chief by Rex McDonald
and out of a Bourbon Chief daughter

Rex Lee Bourbon
foaled in 1924, he was sired by Bourbon King and out of Lelia Rex by Rex  Peavine
He was the Reserve World's Grand Champion 5 gaited horse in 1930 and
this photo was from the February 1930 cover of Saddle & Bridle magazine. 
His daughter Rose Lee Bourbon was in the BHF.

Rex Romayne
foaled in 1941, he was sired by Pepper Martin by King's Genius
out of Belle Romayne by Kalarama Rex.
See the post on King's Genius part 2 for a picture of his sire.
Don't forget some of the other horses already pictured in previous posts:
Anderson Rex, Sensation Rex, and Kalarama Rex.
Please search for any horse in the search field of this blog.  You never know what might show up.  If you are looking for a particular horse and can't find them here, please email me. I might already have a picture and just haven't gotten around to posting it yet.
Recently located some pictures and updated the posts on Double Duty Mares and Dixie Duchess.

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