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12/14/13 Croft's Star

12/14/13  Occasionally I come across a name of a horse and realize I've seen it before.  When it pops up again, it's time to take a closer look.  Croft's Star has popped up in pedigrees, but never in an article that I've come across.  I'm not sure why the name caught my eye, perhaps because her name appealed to my farmer background.  However, she appears on a lot of pedigrees from multiple descendants.  Again, sorry, no picture.  Broodmare's don't seem to warrant photos, although I wouldn't be surprised if she had a show record back in the day.  She was owned by Mary Anne O'Callaghan, a top rider back in the 50's and 60's. 
**3/16/14 see photo & note below**

Croft's Star was a bay mare foaled in 1952.  Her dam was in the Broodmare Hall of Fame, so one would assume that several of her colts were good show horses.  Let's talk about her dam Tillie Mac for a moment.  She produced 1 gelding and 7 mares, with only the gelding and one of the mares having a show record on the ASHA website.  Of Tillie Mac's 7 daughters, only 3 reproduced, and one line fizzled out pretty quickly.  However, Croft's Star and her half sister Anacacho Lady Mac continued Tillie Mac's heritage.  Anacacho Lady Mac produced CH Contract's Lady Anacacho.  Shown as the Sorceress, she later produced  CH CH-EQ Glenview's Warlock,  the very handsome stallion Admiral's Performer, and the noted sire Status Symbol.
Here she is!  Croft's Star was shown by Mary Anne O'Callahan (now Cronan) as Scarlet Ribbons.
Thanks to Cynthia Hecht's note on Facebook, I was able to locate the photo in the book 
 History of the American Saddlebred by J.H. Ransom.  

 Getting back to this subject for this week, Croft's Star produced 1 stallion and 5 mares.  Of her six colts, two earned their CHampion status and all but one went on to reproduce. 

Her babies were:
Red Thread, 1963, mare, by CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen
Ribbonette 1964, mare, by CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen
CH Maker's Mark, 1965, stallion, by CH Valley View Supreme
CH Crimson Bow, 1966, mare, by CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen
Canterbury Peavine, 1969, mare, by Indiana Peavine
Canterbury Lane, 1970,mare, by Oman's Desdemona Denmark

Listed below are some of the offspring of Croft's Star springing from three of her babies.  Each indentation is another generation. 

Daughter Ribbonette went on to produce several colts of her own, but most descendants come from:
        The Magic Moment, 1971, mare by Mr. Magic Man.
                    Miss Chit Chat (BHF), 1980, mare, by Sultan's Instant Replay
                                   Now Listen Here, 1996, mare by Talent Town
                                             CH Can you Hear me Now, 2002 gelding by Desert's Supreme Memories
                     CH Shoobop Shoobop, 1984, stallion by Supreme Sultan
                                   CH Xuxa, 1998, mare
                                   CH MMMBop  1997, gelding
                     Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic, 1993, stallion
                                   CH A Magic Surprise

Son CH Maker's Mark sired 30 or 40 colts:
          CH Dark Hour, 1975, gelding
          Gold Lame, 1984, mare

Daughter Canterbury Lane also produced numerous colts:
        The New York Times, 1977, stallion by New Yorker
                     CH That's My Story (BHF), 1993,mare
                                    CH And I'm Sticking to it, gelding, 2003, by Attache's Royal Assets
                                    A Whole Different Story, stallion, 2004, by Callaway's Blue Norther
                      Christmas in New York ERB, 1991, mare (full sister to That's My Story)
                                    Undulata's Nutcracker, 2001, stallion
                      CH Undulata's Perfect Gift ERB (BHF), 1994, mare
                                     CH New York's Perfect Gift, 2002, gelding, by I'm a New Yorker
                      CH -EQ Undulata's Time to Shine, mare, 1995
                       New York State, stallion, 1990
                                      CH New York Entertainer, 1997, gelding
        CH Celebrity Lane, 1985, gelding by Wing Shot
         Callaways Lula Carden, 1993, mare by Caramac
                      Callaways' Eight Below, 2006, gelding by Callaway's Blue Norther

Maker's Mark
son of Croft's Star

The Magic Moment,
daughter of Ribbonette
Can You Hear Me Now,
great grandson of The Magic Moment
CH Shoobop Shoobop
son of the Magic Moment

Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic,
son of The Magic Moment

CH A Magic Surprise,
grandson of The Magic Moment

Gold Lame,
daughter of CH Maker's Mark

The New York Times,
son of Canterbury Lane

Croft's Star was sired by Hickory Highland Croft that was owned for awhile by Minton Hickory Farm.  Her grandsire was Nawbeek's Highland King by Edna May's King. On Croft's Star's female side, her dam was by Bourbon Coyne by Wild Rex.  Wild Rex was the sire of my all time favorite broodmare, Wild Wind.                            

Hickory Highland Croft
Nawbeek's Highland King

 Hickory Highland Croft*
Nawbeek's Highland KingEdna May's King    
Nancy Highland    
 Daisy Croft  American Born
  Jane Ware    
Tillie Mac (BHF) * 
Bourbon CoyneWild Rex    
  Alice Porter    
TillieRex Firefly    

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