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12/22/13 R you ready?

 What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?  You might think it’s the R but it’s really the C.  Get it? 

Since The C’s were all mentioned earlier, this week we’re starting the R’s.   R’s and saddlebreds bring to mind the names Rex, Royal, Reata, Reverie’s and Ridgefields.   Too much territory to cover in one post, so let's look at Ridgefield horses.  According to ASHA, there are 398 horses with some form  of Ridgefield in their name from the early  1940's through present day.  Their spelling makes no sense,  the apostrophe can show up before or after the "S", which may or may not appear and sometimes the apostrophe doesn't show up either. 

Ridgefields Denmark

Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona
see another photo of him in the post on his dam

CH Ridgefields' Genius
King's Genius X Abie's Irish Rose  (BHF)
see another photo in the  post on King's Genius part 2
He lived to the ripe old age of  30.

Ridgefields Rex
Kalarama Rex X Wonder Girl
In his lifetime, he was owned by the likes of Kalarama Farms,  George Gwinn,
Ridgefield's Farm, Garland Bradshaw and Dr. E.L. Robinson.
Ridgefield Heir
Genius Bourbon King x Ridgefields' Soubrette
He stood for many years at Buck Hinson's
Cedar Creek Farm in Missouri
Ridgefields' Soubrette
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Gay Soubrette
Ridgefields' Genius Denmark
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Oman's Enola Gay
Pride of Ridgefield
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Tommy's Lovely Pride
Ridgefields' Wild Genius
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Greenhill's Mary Shannon
Song of Ridgefields' Genius
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Popular Song by Genius Bourbon King
Ridgefields' Supreme Commander
Marely's Crimson Genius by CH Ridgefields' Genius X Mary Malone by Kalarama Colonel
CH Ridgefields' Cherry Jubilee
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Black Cherry (BHF)
Ridgefields' Colour My World w Colourburst
CH Ridgefields' Genius X Charm O'Gold by Gold Note

This ad was from the 1953 Lexington Jr  League Horse Show program.  CP Edwards sold
Ridgefield's Farm and stock.  The farm was located 2 miles south of Danville Kentucky.  There are still horses being bred today that carry the Ridgefield's name.  Many are owned by Mitchell Clark,
whose farm is located 2 miles south of Danville Kentucky.  It was originally his grandfather's farm. 
Does anyone know if Garland Bradshaw bought this farm in the 1953 dispersal? 

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