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9/22/13  Another letter of the alphabet without a whole lot of horses in my file is the letter "O".  Most of the horses from my neighboring Ottawa Creek Farm had horses with the Ottawa prefix,  but I'm doing a post on the farm later.  All of the O'Lee's and the O' Goshen's used it as their surnames, so they can't go here.  Oak Hill's Dear One was mentioned in Double Duty mares post and Oak Hill's Dear Sire was in the post on Yorktown sons.  Our Brilliant Belle has already been pictured.  Sorry not much, but here we go. 

Oklahoma Peavine
Rex Peavine X Margaret O'Neal  by Kentucky Highland
He was a show and breeding stallion that stood in Michigan for many
years.  Most stallion ads that I have run across for him use this photo.
He was originally named Oakland Peavine, but one of his owners lived
in Oklahoma, so his name was changed.  Evidently he was too well
established by the time he came to Michigan to change to Michigan Peavine.

Oklahoma Peavine was owned by Northwind Farm in Lansing, Michigan, 
This was his grave marker placed at the farm.  Many years later,
the farm was developed into a residential subdivision and a shopping center.
They moved his grave marker to an island in the parking lot of the shopping center. 
 I found it and photographed it on a trip to Michigan State University. 
He was a good sire and two of his daughters made it to the Broodmare Hall of Fame.
He also produced good show horses including World's Grand Champion
5 gaited horse A Sensation and My Golden Dawn (BHF).

Oman's Desdemona Denmark
Anacacho Denmark X Reverie's Desdemona
He has already appeared in the post about his fabulous dam and the
other fabulous mare in his life, Dixie Duchess.  He was the
#1 breeding sire in America for many years and sired many excellent horses.
He also had the good luck to be bred to some of the very best
mares including 15 BHF mares.   
Another picture of Oman's Desdemona Denmark. 
This head shot was used in a lot of his ads.

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