Saturday, September 14, 2013


9/14/13  I didn't have much inspiration this week, so it's back to the alphabet.  We're all the way up to the horses beginning with the letter "N", but my selection is woefully lacking.  So I'm throwing in a miscellaneous photo as well. 
I used this photo before, but I finally found the label listing the horses.
The names of the horses from left to right are:
WGC Wing Commander
Show Boat
Meadow Princess
Lover's Lane
Moon Glitter
Dream Waltz
Sparkling Delight
Sparkling Cardinal

The photo was taken around 1954 or 1955 at CastletonFarms Lexington, KY. You can search any of these names to find other pictures of these horses in this blog.


Northern Blues - Callaway's Blue Norther X Yorkshire Pudding (BHF) by New Yorker

New Yorker - Yorktown x Sandalwood Stonewall by Golden Stonewall
Night of Roses - Carey's Night of Love X Symbol Song by Status Symbol
He is a full brother to Rifles And Roses

Night Prowler - Status Symbol x Empire's Lady Genius by Anacacho Empire

Nocturnal - CF First Night out by Night Prowler out of Captive Moment by Kourageous Kalu
Notice all the relationships among these stallions. 


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