Sunday, September 1, 2013

M & M's

This is the mid point of the alphabet, and there are lots of good horses starting with that letter. 

Marie Bosace (BHF)
Beau Peavine X Iowana by Bourbon King
She was bred by Spindletop Farm and produced the stallions Stonewall's Beau Peavine and
CH Stonewall's Crescendo.  One of her daughters, Lifetime Affair, was also in the BHF,
but sadly drowned in a flash flood when she was 24.

Meadow Majesty
Kalarama Rx X Spelling Bee (BHF) by King Vine
 He sired Meadow Vanity (BHF), which was enough to make him famous.
See the post on  Double Duty mares. 

Melody O'Lee (BHF)
Anacacho Denmark X Judy O'Lee by Leatherwood King
She produced Supreme Sultan.  See a post on some of his sons,
Supreme Sultan Sons on 4/17/13.  To see how much she
resembles her dam, see the post on "J" horses dated 7/6/13. 

Mercer Rex
 Rex Peavine X Edith Gatley (BHF) by Kentucky Choice
He produced breeding stallion Gallant Knight, who was out of Highland Perle. 
 Mercer Rex's full sister was Spirit of Kentucky (BHF). 
 To see these two lovely broodmares together, see post from 6/29/13 on
News from the January 1945 National Horseman. 
I think you can also search by name to find more info on
horses in this blog. 

Miss America (BHF)
American Born X Mary Dall by Rex Monroe
Her original name was Kalarama Spotlight, probably for the spot?
She produced Yekcohs, which was Shockey spelled backwards.

Montgomery Chief
Bourbon Chief X Annie C (BHF)
He was a full brother to Bourbon King and Marvel King.

Moreland Maid (BHF)
American Born X Youth's Charm by Ben Sory
More on her in the post Double Duty Mares.
Her 3 gaited daughter, Maid of Orleans, produced
Grand View's Matinee Idol, who sired my Buddy.
Her daughter Lovely Maid is pictured in the post from 8/18/13.

Mountain Peavine
Mountain Dare by Chester Dare x Peavine's Pearl (BHF) by Rex Peavine
His daughter Little Bo Peep was a 3-gaited show horse and also in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.
He was a half brother to breeding stallions Anderson Rex and Captain Courageous. 

My Golden Dawn (BHF)
Oklahoma Peavine X Fair Acres Blossom (BHF) by Golden Mac
She was a good 5-gaited show mare and a Reserve World's Champion.

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