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12/3/16 Wild Wind and her BHF legacy, part 3

The American Saddlebred mare, Wild Wind, is a member of the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  Nineteen  of her female descendants are also in the BHF.  In order to enter the BHF, a mare must have at least 3 World's Champion or Reserve Wold's Champion offspring.  To date, Wild Wind is the beginning link in a chain of 6 uninterrupted mother to daughter BHF.  This is the only group of 6 among American Saddlebred Hall of Fame Broodmares. This post will look at all 19 mares, and who put them in the BHF.  Many had more than the necessary three WC offspring, or perhaps they were winners, but not World's Champions.  And of course, pictures aren't always available.  Heading up the list, we'll start with the grand matron herself.

1. Wild Wind  f. 1927  by Wild Rex out of Fanny Tucker
Her 3 WC & RWC offspring were:

As Beauty Does WCC by Sensation Rex
Front Cover RWC by King' s Genius
Front Page Lady WC by King's Genius
Next is Wild Wind's daughter
2. Crebilly's Whirlwind f. 1944 by Sensation Rex
No picture of this mare is available.  Her granddaughter was:

WGC Valerie Emerald out of Crebilly's Hazel's Fortune,
2nd dam Crebilly's Whirlwind

The next generation is Crebilly's Whirlwind's daughter
3 Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful f. 1956 by Beau Fortune
again, no picture of this broodmare. Her pictured offspring is:
CH Supreme Airs out of Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful

And CH Supreme Airs is also the next generation BHF

4.  Supreme Airs f. 1961 by Stonewall Supreme, pictured here at age 27
Her WC offspring are:

Foxfire's Prophet
Supreme Heir

Another Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful's daughter made is into the BHF
She was a full sister of Supreme Airs
4A. Supreme Fascination.  f 1962 by Stonewall Supreme
Sorry there is no picture of this mare, but her offspring include:

Karissa Hi Lite by Supreme Hi Lite

Lite Fascination by Supreme Hi Lite
Stonewall's Rare Edition

Continuing the unbroken chain of BHF's, Supreme Airs daughter

5. Putting on Airs, f. 1975 by Mr. Magic Man
Her offspring include:

Harlem Globetrotter by New Yorker
Manhattan Airs by Manhattan Supreme
Yorkshire Pudding by New Yorker

A daughter who helped put her dam in the BHF also made it to the BHF
She is the 6th  link in the unbroken chain of BHF

6.  Yorkshire Pudding BHF f. 1979 by New Yorker
Her show ring stars included:
Castle Bravo
Deep Blue
And Yorkshire Pudding was propelled into the BHF by
her grandson, WGC Marc of Charm

Now for the rest of the Wild Wind descendants  in the BHF.  They may not be in that string of mares in the greatest bottom line ever, but they're still great.  Here they are, or here are their colts.  It's a shame most of the broodmares are picture-less.  

Garastanna Dancer BHF f. 1955 sired by Wild Genius, Wild Wind's only stallion son.
Her offspring included:
CH Anacacho Dancer
CH Gold Treat

And speaking of CH Gold Treat, her daughter 
Treat Treat BHF f. 1980 made it to the Hall of Fame
with  stars like:
Mark Ye Well

Truly a Princess f. 1957 was sired by Truly Genius whose 2nd dam was Wild Wind
Her best offspring were:

Glenview Mandala

This Harlem Globetrotter daughter made it to the BHF
CH Globetrotting Lady BHF f 1986
Bred & owned her entire life by Isabel Robson,
here is one of her Albelarm babies.
Albelarm Radiant Lady

CH It's A Beautiful Day BHF f. 1989
Her dam Century Gold BHF, was out of Gold Treat (pictured above) and was also BHF,
3rd dam Garastanna Dancer BHF.
Beautiful Day's beautiful babies include:

 Brookhill's King of Kool
Brookhill's Periday
She's My Desire

The last picture of a broodmare inductee is another Harlem Globetrotter daughter.
CH Garland's Dream BHF
Her offspring include:
Don O'Neil
Foxgrape's Dauntless
Undulata's Dream Team

Sixpence Star Princess f. 1975
Her 2nd dam was sired by Truly Genius, a Wild Wind grandson.
Her famous stallion son was Callaway's Ghost Writer who himself sired a BHF.
Callaway's Ghost Writer

Ursa Major BHF
She was sired by Supreme Heir, son of Supreme Airs BHF
One of her best daughters was:
Heavenly Thunder
Tornaado's Tidal Wave BHF
Her dam was sired by Harlem Globetrotter, a son of Putting on Airs BHF
She produced this fine colt:
Sir Clarence Ronald
Evangelique BHF
Yet another Harlem Globetrotter daughter, she produced these:
Double Black Diamond
We Must Be Nuts
Booker Noe
Callaway's Agatha Christie BHF
Bred and owned her entire life by the famed Callaway Hills Stables,
her sire was Callaway's Ghost Writer out of Sixpence Star Princess BHF.
Agatha produced a number of fine colts.
The Ghost Writer

Wild Ginger BHF by Wild Genius
She was just inducted into the BHF this year. 

Rhythm's Ragtime
CH Latin Rhythm

Next time we'll be back with more Wild Wind offspring featuring her colts sired by Beau Fortune and Sensation Rex.  Her legacy continues.  

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