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12/10/16 Wild Wind's legacy part 4

Yet another piece of the Wild Wind pie, this week is looking at her offspring from Sensation Rex and Beau Fortune, two premier stallions owned by Crebilly Farm.  Wild Wind BHF is, of course, the only mare in Saddlebred history to produce five generations of Hall of Fame Broodmares in direct succession.  To quote Lynn Weatherman, she was the "quintessential" broodmare.  Part 1 listed all 19 of her babies, and remember, this mare was producing foals in the 30's through the 50's.  No artificial help of any sort, she carried her 19 pregnancies herself, up through age 26.  Part 2 concerned her six offspring by King's Genius that reproduced and many still carry on today.  Part 3 looked at all the BHF's she is part of, even those many generations removed.  Back to today's post, Wild Wind was owned for the last 14 years of her life by Crebilly Farm, and she produced 11 colts for them.  There is a reason she is one of the most influential producing mares in Saddlebred history, and one of her Sensation Rex daughters is the reason.  But first, here are her Beau Fortune offspring.

   Wild Wind's 19th by Beau Fortune
   f. 1953, he was her last foal and shown as Wild Wind

CH Wild Fortune of Crebilly by Beau Fortune
f. 1948, a good gaited show mare that produced four colts of her own.
Her line lives on today.

El Diablo sired by a gray son of Stonewall Premier
his dam was CH Wild Fortune of Crebilly

Sultan's Premier by Supreme Sultan
his 2nd dam was CH Wild Fortune of Crebilly
he sired many colts into the late 1990's

  CH Heavenly Daze by Beau Fortune
  f.  1949, another good 5 gaited daughter of Wild Wind BHF
 She produced 5 colts, including CH Too Much, but  she
only had oen daughter that reproduced.  Today, her line
hangs on by a thread.  

CH Too Much out of Heavenly Daze
Crecy was the  only daughter of Duchess of York,
who was the only producing offspring of Heaven's for Betsey,
who was the only producing daughter of CH Heavenly Daze.
Lady of Affirm, out of Crecy, is the last of the Heavenly Daze line.

Now for the Sensation Rex offspring of Wild Wind.  
Crebilly's Wild Sensation by Sensation Rex
f.  1950, this gelding was shown as Wild Sensation

   As Beauty Does by Sensation Rex
   f.  1946, yet another good gaited mare out of Wild Wind

Beauty I Am out of As Beauty Does
she only produced two colts, but her daughter bred on and the line is intact

Oh My Godiva!
Her 4th dam is Beauty I Am and she's one of many representing this line.

Finally, Wild Wind's most famous, and most prolific offspring, Crebilly's Whirlwind BHF.  There isn't a picture of her that could be located, but most of the modern horses tracing to Wild Wind come through this mare.  It seems that Sensation Rex and Wild Wind had a special bond, so close that they were euthanized on the same day at Crebilly Farm, October 8, 1954.  Wild Wind was 27 and Sensation Rex was 23.  
Dawning of Aquarius traces down her dam line to Crebilly's Whirlwind

CH Sinatra's 2nd dam was Crebilly's Hazel's Fortune,
3rd dam Crebilly's Whirlwind

WGC Valerie Emerald was out of Crebilly's Hazel's Fortune,
2nd dam Crebilly's Whirlwind

Next in line came Crebilly's Whirlwind's daughter, Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful BHF
all these lovelies traced to her
Enchanted Heiress 
Hide a way's Plumb Wild out of Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful

Wild and Beautiful out of Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful
Supreme Fancy out of Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful
she is a full sister to both Supreme Airs and Supreme Fascination BHF's

The next generation was Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful's daughters, 
Supreme FascinationBHF and Supreme Airs BHF
from Supreme Fascination:
About to Get Interesting



First Round Pick

Karissa hi Lite

Lite Faxcination

from Supreme Airs:
WGC An Heir about Her

WGC Callaway's Copyright

WC Heavenly Thunder
WGC One for the Road

Now for the generation starting with Putting on Airs:
Putting on Airs BHF
Callaway's New Look

WGC Don O'Neil

Foxgrape's Dauntless

Globetrotting Lady BHF

Manhattan Airs

And finally, the last of the BHF's, Yorkshire Pudding:
Yorkshire Pudding
WGC Castledream

Imagine My Surprise

Kalarama's Mr. Cosmopolitan

Kalarama's Prospero

Not Dark Yet

Reedann's Talked About

Although Wild Wind's fame comes through her many daughters, next week looks at the stallions produced from the Wild Wind Legacy.

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