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12/17/16 Wild Wind's stallion legacy, part 5

This week's post looks at some of the stallions, past and present, that trace back to that great broodmare, Wild Wind.  The quest continues to convince the readers that she was one of the most influential broodmares in the American Saddlebred breed.  The past few weeks have looked at her daughters in the BHF and the produce of some of her daughters and granddaughters.  There will be some redundancy in this post since many of these stallions have been listed as offspring to her famous daughters, but stallions tend to have better name recognition than a good broodmare, so this post will put many of her good stallions all in one place. In 2010, Wild Wind was the tail female line for five stallions on the Saddle & Bridle Sire list with her descendants Harlem Globetrotter (#4), Castle Bravo (#16), Northern Blues (#26), Kalarama's Spanish Dancer (#30) and Yorktown Magic (#43) were all on the list at the same time.  Supreme Heir would have topped the list of deceased sires that year.   Stallions still in the breeding game today are highlighted in yellow, so you can find a nice stallion to get a couple drops of that Wild Wind blood in your next colt.  It sure can't hurt.
Wild Genius, the only stallion son of Wild Wind
Grassland's Kentuckian
1st dam Wild Eugenia, 2nd dam Wild Wind

Truly Genius
1st dam Wild Princess, 2nd dam Wild Wind

the next 4 trace through Wild Wind's daughter, The Little Rebel
Challenger's Ghostly Dream

Five Point American Rebel

Five Point Demon Rebel

The Handsome Ghost


Callaway's Ghost Writer
his dam, Sixpence Star Princess BHF traces to Wild Wind through Truly Genius
The Mystery Writer
is grandson of Callaway's Ghost Writer
Copper Commander
His 2nd dam was Crebilly's Whirlwind BHF, 3rd dam Wild Wind BHF
Peace Love and Rock n' Roll
his 4th dam was Crebilly's Hazel's Fortune out of 
Crebilly's Whirlwind out of Wild Wind

Chairman of the Board
1st dam Supreme Fascination BHF, 2nd dam Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful, 3rd dam Crebilly's Whirlwind, 4th dam Wild Wind
Supreme Heir
This fabulous stallion was out of Supreme Airs BHF,
2nd dam Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful BHF, 3rd dam Crebilly's Whirlwind BHF, 4th dam Wild Wind
The stallions  listed below are his sons
Con Heir 
Heir It Is

Mountainview's Heir to Fortune 
Mr. Las Vegas 
Seaforth's Billion Heir 
Who Wants To Be a Millionheir?
Foxfire's Prophet
was also out of Supreme Airs BHF
His sons and a grandson are listed below
Robb Warsing's Gray Beast 
How Fortunate
Sultan's Blue Knight
was another son of Supreme Airs BHF
Kalarama's Spanish Dancer
had a double dose of Wild Wind since Supreme Airs appeared twice in his pedigree

Harlem Globetrotter
his dam Putting on Airs BHF was a daughter of Supreme Airs BHF
Wild Wind was his 5th dam
his sons are listed below
Harlem Globemaster 
Harlem Spats Waller 
Harlem Town 
Harlem's Black Diamond 
Harlem's Go To Man 
Harlem's Hot Dice 
Yorktown Magic
was also out of the mare Putting On Airs BHF

The final stallions come through the final mare in the string of six Hall of Fame Broodmares, Yorkshire Pudding BHF.  Her sons are pictured first, then  the stallions sons from her many daughters.  
Deep Blue
is a son of :Yorkshire Pudding BHF
Northern Blues
is another son of Yorkshire Pudding BHF
Bluesville is a son of Northern Blues 
and a full brother to WGC Bravo Blue

Reedann's Top Gun
is yet another son of Yorkshire Pudding BHF
Castle Bravo
is another great son of Yorkshire Pudding BHF
his sons are listed below 
HS Castle Vision 
Simbara's Rio Bravo

The next stallions are all sons of Yorkshire Pudding BHF's daughters
Cedar View W.D. York 
WGC Marc of Charm 
Sir of York 
Victory's Redemption
He is actually a grandson of Putting on Airs, but I put him here since he's still active. 

There are more stallions, I just ran out of space and time, but this hit the highlights.

Next time, the final installment of the Wild Wind series will look at those horses lucky enough to carry her on their bottom line.  

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