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5/3/14 Trains

Last week I was busy with our lamb sale and didn't get a chance to post, and this week I wasn't feeling inspired by any particular topic.  Then yesterday, we took my 4 year old grandson to National Train Day Toledo.  We had a great time and on the way home, I thought I would find all the horses named train.  I immediately thought of Knightrain Kalu and The Coal Train.  Surely there were others.  As it turns out, 105 horses in the registry have train in their names, but only two are pictured.  The two I had already thought of.  Two doesn't make a post, so I decided to include pictures of their sire lines and make a train out of that.  It helped that these two stallions had very different top lines, and there were several horses that haven't been pictured.  It's also interesting that the two "trains" featured here are black.

The Coal Train
sired by Jamestown out of Wild Honey Comb by Denmark's Bourbon Genius

sired by CH Yorktown out of Anita Le Rose by Society Kalarama

CH Yorktown
sired by CH Wing Commander out of Oman's Anacacho Maytime (BHF) by Anacacho Denmark

CH Wing Commander
sired by CH Anacacho Shamrock out of Flirtation Walk (BHF) by King's Genius

CH Anacacho Shamrock
sired by Edna May's King out of  Sally Cameron (BHF) by Highland Squirrel King

Edna May's King
sired by Bourbon King out of Edna May (BHF) by Rex Peavine

Bourbon King
sired by Bourbon Chief out of Annie C (BHF) by Wilson's King

And now for train #2

Knightrain Kalu
sired by CH Kourageous Kalu out of Kahlmekontract Kalu by Private Contract

CH Kourageous Kalu
sired by Kalurama out of   Lady Coventry by Captain Courageous

by Stonewall Dysart out of Nancy's Stonewall Delight by Nancy Highland's Chief

No picture of Stonewall Dysart
sired by Stonewall's Golden Dream out of May Lily by Rex Dysart

Stonewall's Golden Dream
sired by Stonewall King out of Silver Moon (BHF) by The Courier

Stonewall King
sired by My King out of Gloriann (BHF) by Rex Peavine

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