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4/20'/14 Japanette and her string of BHF descendants

4/20/14  It's springtime, which means it's also foaling time.  This post celebrates some of those special mares who were in the American Saddlebred Broodmare Hall of Fame.  This particular group of mares all stem from Japanette, who was foaled in 1902.  She was the beginning of a string of five generations of mares that all entered the BHF, plus she had several other granddaughters and great granddaughters who were BHF, but not from that unbroken string.  There is only one string of six continuous BHF broodmares that I can think of, so five in a row is pretty amazing.  Here are these mares, with some of their famous sons and daughters listed.

Each generation is indented and at the bottom are some links for other posts which contain more pictures and info on these particular horses.  The generations are also labeled one thru five with Japanette being "1" and Sparkling Delights being generation "5".  The unbroken chain of BHF are marked with an **.

1.    Japanette  (BHF)  **
Highland Denmark X Forest Rose by Forrest Denmark
She was  owned by I. H. Thurman of Kalarama Farm and produced many colts by their stallion Rex Monroe.  She had one daughter in the BHF.  

                      2.    Kathryn Haines (BHF)  **
                      Rex Monroe X Japanette (BHF)
                      She had 3 daughters in the BHF and two well known breeding stallion sons.  Her 
                       daughter Abie's Irish Rose continued the unbroken string of BHF's.

                                  3.  Abie's Irish Rose (BHF) with Rose Genius   **
                                   American Born X Kathryn Haines (BHF) by Rex Monroe
                                   She had two daughters in the BHF, and two well known breeding sons.

                                                       4.  Abie's Baby (BHF)
                                                        Beau Peavine X Abie's Irish Rose  (BHF)       
                                                        No pictures of Abie's Baby, but she'll be represented here 
                                                        by her two sons who were also full brothers.
                                                                  5. Broadlands' Kilarney

                                                                    5. CH Colonel Boyle
                                                                    Both were sired by Kalarama Colonel
                                                                     and out of Abie's Baby

                                                       4.  CH Ridgefields' Genius
                                                            King's Genius X Abie's Irish Rose
                                                             An excellent sire and show horse.  

                                                       4.  Rose Genius (BHF) **
                                                           King's Genius X Abie's Irish  Rose 
                                                            She is #4 in the unbroken string of BHF broodmares.
                                                            She is one of ten BHF that King's Genius sired.   
                                                                              5.  Sparkling Delight  (BHF)  **
                                                                                  Sparkling Waters X Rose Genius (BHF)
                                                                                  She is #5 in our continuous (BHF) chain.
                                                                                  Unfortunately, no photo.

                                                            4.  Abie's Genius 
                                                                 The Genius X Abie's Irish Rose (BHF)
                                                                  He was a breeding stallion.

                                       3.  Kingston's Choice
                                        Ben Sory X Kathryn Haines

                                       3.  Kate Peavine (BHF)
                                       Rex Peavine X Kathryn Haines (BHF)
                                       no picture of her, but there are three pictures of her offspring 

                                                              4.  American Maytime by American Born
                                                                She was the dam of RWGC Garrymore

                                                                                   5.  Garrymore by Colonel Sport
                                                                                   He was a Reserve World's Grand 
                                                                                   Champion five gaited horse in 1957.

                                                              4.  American Dictator
                                                                American Born X Kate Peavine (BHF)

                                                              4. CH Sweet Lavender
                                                               American Born X Kate Peavine (BHF)
                                                               She was a full sister to American Dictator

                                               3.  American Ace
                                                  American Born X Kathryn Haines (BHF)
                                                  He was a wonderful stallion and sired 4 members of the BHF
                                                   They were:
                                                                4.  Pennypack's Pride (BHF) out of  Jean Acker
                                                                 4. Ace's Beauty Box (BHF) out of  Fairy Slippers
                                                                 4.  Ace's Refreshing Moment (BHF) out of 
                                                                                            Refreshment Time
                                                                 4.  Ace's Dark Jewel (BHF) out of  Maryland's Bird
                                                                 4. Lucy Kilmer (BHF) out of Joyce Kilmer.  
                                                                She was the one eyed mare that produced 21 colts.                                            
                                                   3,  Kate Haines (BHF)
                                                    Sun Flower X Kathryn Haines
                                                    She had five sons who carried on her legacy.

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