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5/10/14 May flowers

It has been such a crazy weather year so far, but things seem to be straightening out, at least where I am.  April was cool and sometimes rainy, but May is warm and bursting forth with beautiful blooms.  Daisies, lilies, petunias, crocus, tulips, daffodils..........I searched them all and didn't find much picture evidence of horses named for flowers.  For quantity, the roses have it hands down, but there are a few other flowers represented here.

Anacacho Flower
foaled in 1930, she was by Edna May's King

Denmark Wild Flower
Anacacho Denmark X Kalarama Wild Flower BHF
She was a World's Champion and during her lifetime, she was owned by
George Gwinn, Garland Bradshaw, Art Simmons and Ruxer Farms.

Spicewood's Highland Heather
She was a granddaughter of Stonewall King

Sun Flower
This beautiful stallion sired BHF's Spoonbill & Kate Haines

Golden Heather
She was sired by Americus Denmark

This picture doesn't do justice to her unusual dun color.
She was a four time World's Grand Champion 3-gaited horse and was sired by Rex Monroe.

Night Flower BHF
This granddaughter and great granddaughter of Rex McDonald
was also a WGC 5-gaited horse.  She was the dam of Moon Glitter.

The Silver Orchid
This stallion was sired by Mercer Rex out of a Kalarama Rex daughter.

Town Flower BHF
This lovely gal was bred by Tom Moore and owned by Callaway Hills.
Her daughters Callaway's Carnation and  Sweet Sachet are also in the BHF.  Sweet Sachet is the dam of breeding stallions Callaway's Guy Park and Callaway's Cranston.
Trivia:  She is the only BHF whose dam was a golden.

Now for the rest of the flowers.  They are roses, in one form or another.  Here are stallions.  

King of Rose-a-Lee
Sired by Royal Kalarama, many of his best get were out of Lucy Kilmer BHF.
He had been abused at some point in his life and was a very
difficult stallion to handle.  He hated men.

King of Rosehaven
Foaled in 1940, he traced to Chester Dare on his sire line.

Lee Rose McDonald
He sired CH Sweetheart of Parade, who was out of a standardbred mare.

He was a great grandson of Denmark, Foundation Stallion

Night of Roses
This handsome bay was by Carey's Night of Love out of Symbol Song

Rifles & Roses
This handsome black stallion was a full brother to Night of Roses.

Primrose Trail
Classic Dodge Stables breeding, he was by
Vanity's Sensation out of a full sister to CH Wing Commander.

And the Hall of Fame Broodmares

Abie's Irish Rose BHF
She was named for a Broadway play about Abie, a young Jewish man
who married an Irish Catholic girl named Rosemary.

CH Belle Le Rose BHF
A WGC 5-gaited horse, shew was owned by Spindletop Farms.

CH Chantille Rose BHF
She was a World's Champion and dam of 
World's Grand Champion CH Man on the Town.

Daneshall's Gift of Roses BHF
She was sired by Anacacho Denmark.

Rita Le Rose BHF
Bred by Spindletop Farms, her sire was Beau Peavine & her dam was Belle Le Rose.

And the CHampions

CH Primrose Path
The mare was a full sister of CH Wing Commander.
All of her colts were sired by Vanity's Sensation.

CH Roses are Red
She is shown here with Jean McLean Davis.

CH Roses's China Silk
She was sired by Beau Le Rose Peavine who was a full brother to Rita Le Rose.

And more beautiful roses........

Five Point Red Rebel Rose
This pretty mare traces back to my favorite broodmare, Wild Wind BHF.

Garland of Roses
Sired by Bold Alvin, her dam was by Starheart Peavine. 

King of Roses

Sired by Nawbeek's Highland King

Parading Rose
She traced to Rex Peavine on both parents' sire line.
She's being shown here by Art Simmons. 

Rainbow Rose
What an interesting photo of this Bourbon King granddaughter.

Rose Barrymore
Foaled in 1928, her sire was King Barrymore by Bourbon King.

Rose of Spindletop
Sired by Beau Peavine, she was the dam of Indiana Peavine.

Rose's Reward
This gelding was sired by Beau Fortune out of Daneshall's Gift of Roses pictured above.

Aletha Rose
She was a granddaughter of Sun Beau and her daughter CH Arabesque was BHF.

Victory's Belle Le Rose
Sired by Victory Ace, she was a granddaughter of CH Belle Le Rose BHF

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