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9/25/16 Wing's Fleet Admiral, the Wing Commander Legacy part 2

Wing's Fleet Admiral was from one of Wing Commander's earlier foal crops.  Foaled in 1959, his dam was 22 when he was born, and he himself lived only 10 short years.  His show career, unlike that of his sire, was cut very short due to problems with laminitis.  His case was so severe, it eventually ended his life, but luckily he produced four complete foal crops from 1966 thru 1969, and had one final foal born in 1970 after his death.  Since the blog is reviewing those sire lines from CH Wing Commander which are still intact today, we're only looking at his male offspring.  This line is alive and well.  First we'll list the stallion sons of Wing's Fleet Admiral, and go from there.  I tried to list the main stallions, but please let me know if I missed anyone.  Anyone highlighted in yellow is still breeding as of 2016. 

Wing's Fleet Admiral
son of CH Wing Commander

Wing's Desirable  f. 1968 out of Royal Empress by Anacacho Empire.  He stood on the West Coast and his three CHampion offspring were all geldings.  He's represented today through his daughters.
CH Fleet Admiral's Commodore f. 1968 out of Crimson Belle by Anacacho Denmark
Splendid Achievement f. 1968 out of Lovely Ina BHF by Christiana King making him a full brother to CH Superior Odds
Wild Irishman f. 1967  out of Peavine's Golden Dawn
King of the Wings f. 1967 out of Melissa Genius by King's Genius
Admiral's Commander f. 1967 out of Dreamship
Wing's Admiral Courageous f. 1967
The next three sons are the lines that are very much intact today.
CH Courageous Admiral  f. 1966 Indiana JEM by Indiana Ace
CH Superior Odds f. 1967  Lovely Ina BHF by Christiana King
Grape Tree's Fox  f. 1966 out of Clarma's Harmony by Clarma

Wing's Desirable

CH Courageous Admiral

Grape Tree's Fox

CH Superior Odds was WC 5Gaited Stallion in 1977

Here are each of the three major lines from Wing's Fleet Admiral and how they trace to modern stallions today. 
CH Superior Odds had three good breeding sons, CH Superior's Successor, Rare Treasure and Penny's Superior Stonewall. 

   CH Superior's Successor
f. 1993 out of Miss Globetrotter DBG by Harlem Globetrotter
He, like his sire, was WC 5Gaited Stallion in 2003
His last colt was born in 2015, and the last I heard, he's still with us. 

Rare Treasure
f. 1976 out of Penny's Stonewall by Stonewall Supreme
He is represented by his sons, County Treasure and Rare Perception
County Treasure
f. 2002 out of Restless Phi by Phi Slama Jama

Rare Perception was foaled in 1993 and is the sire of 4 time WGC Wild Carrissima
Penny's Superior Stonewall
f. 1978 out of Penny's Stonewall by Stonewall Supreme
He is still represented through his son General Steel

General Steel
f. 1986 out of Joyful Delight by New Yorker
General Steel has few stallion sons, but hopefully one of them is carrying on the line.

Grape Tree's Fox had several good sons and several lines are with us today.  Some of his better known sons were Fox Creek, The Manipulator, Grape Tree's Contract, and Family Jewels.

Fox Creek
f. 1988 out of Gold Star's Ballerina by Stonewall's Main Event
Fox Creek outlived his best stallion son, The Grand Fox who was a full brother to CH To Die For
The Manipulator
f. 1985 out of Joyful Delight by New Yorker
He was a half brother to General Steel and sired WCC CH Our Canary Diamond
His son was It's Hammertime
It's Hammertime
f. 1990 out of Love Trilogy by Status Symbol
he sired It's Double O'Deuce & The Licorice Drop Kid who are keeping the line alive today
It's Double O'Deuce
f. 2000 out of VHF York's Spillway out by Man of York
VHF The Licorice Drop Kid  RWCC
F. 2001 out of Desert's Radiant Sunshine by Radiant Sultan

Family Jewels
f. 1978 out of Priceless Gem by Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly
He was the sire of WGC CH Onion, CH Tigerlee and a few breeding stallions including Family Jewels' Stepping Time.

Family Jewels' Stepping Time
f. 1998 out of Progressive Lady by the Kalarama System
His last foal was born in 2012, but perhaps he's still available.

CH Courageous Admiral sired a lot of good show stock including RWGC CH Admiral's Mark, RWGC, CH Button Bright, CH Courageous Flower, CH Natural Right, RWGC CH General Electric and more.  His breeding sons included CH Top Spool, A Grand Affair, Admiral's Performer, Admiral's Windjammer, Periaptor, The Caveat, Raytown Road and Desert's Supreme Admiral.

A Grand Affair
f. 1990 out of Vanity Affair by Glen Grove's Lord Vanity
He's 18 in the picture on the left.  Gorgeous.

CH Top Spool
f. 1989 out of Top Billing by Supreme Sultan
I don't have a picture of him, but I'm pretty sure his line will be carried on by both his son & daughter.  *found a picture!

CH Lynn Williams
I know this is about sire lines, but she's one of my favorites.
f. 2004 out of Carol Lynn BHF by The Talk of The Town
and look at her baby brother!
The 2016 & 2017 WGC 5 gaited Champion!
Top of the Mark
f. 2010 CH Top Spool X Carol Lynn BHF by CH The Talk of The Town
he hasn't sired any foals yet, but I'll bet my eye teeth that he will.
Desert's Supreme Admiral
f. 1985 out of Desert's Queen Anna by Sultan's Santana
He has several sons carrying on his line today,  including Desert's Supreme Memories, Matchbox 20 and Dylann's Desert Admiral.

Desert's Supreme Memories
f. 1992 out of Desert's Precious Memories by Mountain Highland Memories
He was WC 5Gaited stallion in 2004.
He has sired CH The Evangelist, WGC CH Real Action, CH Bono, CH Dan you hear me Now
And he's still siring grand colts today!

Matchbox Twenty
f. 1998 out of Auburn by Sultan's American Dream

Dylann's Desert Admiral
f. 2005 out of Supreme Cappio by Longview's Paladin

f. 1984 out of Eliana by Classic Stonewall
He had a long career at stud and several of his sons still carry on his name.  They are:

Exalted Effect
f. 1994 out of Dear Heart by Oak Hill's Dear Sir
This beauty was a WC in Fine Harness

Peri Rich
f. 1999 out of CH A Rich Girl by Money Market LS

Red Hawk Red Hawk
f.  2000 out of I did I did by Sultan's Royalty

Thanks for reading this through to the end.  I know it's a little hard to follow at times.  The whole point is that there are a lot of ways to have Wing Commander on the top side of your pedigree, and all of these horses came through Wing Commander's son Wing's Fleet Admiral. 

Next time will continue with the Wing Commander Legacy to see how another of his son's has carried on his line.  Not sure who I'll choose yet. 

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CH Admiral's Mark was sired by CH Courageous Admiral by Wing's Fleet Admiral by CH Wing Commander.  He was a gelding, but another one of my favorites.  He was a multi WC and shown for many years by both Mary Gaylord McLean and Randi Stuart Wightman. 

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