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9/18/16 Wing Commander's Legacy part 1

CH Wing Commander was the ultimate American Saddlebred. He excelled both in the show ring and as a breeding stallion.  Back in the day, everyone wanted to stand a son of Wing Commander, and there were many of his sons who were used at stud.  Wing's final foal crop was in 1969, so many years have passed and it's interesting to see which sire lines have lived on.  Week 1 is going to list most of his sons who were used as breeding stallions.  In going through old magazines, more advertised stallions by CH Wing Commander keep popping up.  Although not well known, most of stallions are very well bred on their dam side.  Perhaps they were owned by a small breeding establishment, or they were in less Saddlebred populated area, or they just didn't get the more select mares that their siblings enjoyed,  There could be many reasons that their colts didn't hit the big time.  Sometimes the unknown stallions show up in an ad while the well known stallions remain elusive and picture-less.  Future posts will take a look at the sire lines still active today.

Air Command *
Air Commander  *
Bainridge Commander 
Blazing Wing  *     
Born Commander                    
Bourbon Commander *             
Buck and Wing *                    
Callaway’s Johnny Gillen *    
Center Ring *                           
Chief of Greystone *                
Clear Command  *                     
Commander’s Best  *
Commander's Perfection *
Commander's Super Star *               
Copper Coin’s Command in Chief
Copper Commander *                                                
Danish Commander *                
Dutch Commander  *                
Flame Commander *              
Flight Director  *                      
Flight Time *
Gifted Commander *                         
Good Spirits *                        
Hi Wing  *                              
High Rank *                            
King Dell *                            
Lucky Commander *
Major Command *
Mr. Magic Man
Oriental Aire *
Plainview's Commander *
Pride of Plainview  *
Rhythm Command *
Ruff and Reddy *
Sensational Commander
Sunset Commander *
Super Command *
CH The Black Emerald
Victory Prince  *
Wing Again *
Wing Commander's King  *
Wing Leaf
Wing Rhythm*
Wing Shot *
Wing Society *
Wing's Denmark Commander  *
Wing's Destiny   *
Wing's Dynasty  *
Wing's Fleet Admiral *
Wingmaster *
Wings of Arden
Wings Over Jordon  *
Wing's Swept Wings
CH Yorktown *
*  Picture below   

Air Command
f. 1969  out of Mystic Aire by Sparkling Waters

Air Commander
f. 1966 out of Knight's Golden Lady BHF by Knight of Gallatin
Stonehedge Blazing Wing
f. 1959 out of Blazing Belle by Royal Rex Sea

Bourbon Commander
f. 1957  out of The Caravan by The Yankee
Buck and Wing
f. 1956 out of Lovely Maid by Society Rex
Sorry about the poor photo quality, several
of these pictures came off of ASHA's thumbnail photos.
Here's Buck and Wing again.  Look at the difference
in photo resolution.  I copied this one out of a magazine. 
Callaway's Johnny Gillen
f. 1959 out of Fourth Estate (BHF) by Kalarama Rex
Center Ring
f. 1964 out of Countess Stardust by Ace O'Goshen 
Chief of Greystone
f. 1962 out of  Carol Trigg (BHF) by Kalarama Denmark
making him a full sibling to CH Rebel Command, Empress Wing (dam of Imperator), 
Delightful Time, Lady Trigg (BHF), CH Princess Trigg and Wing Shot.  
Clear Command
f. 1963  out of Clear the Entrance by Sparkling Waters
Commander 's Best
f. 1965 out of Daunsay by Prince of Genius
Commander's Perfection
f. 1968 out of Denmark's Perfection by Reverie's Denmark's Design
Commander's Super Star
 f. 1967 out of Hypnotique by Ridgefields' Genius
Copper Command
f. 1965 out of Crebilly's Hazel's Fortune by Beau Fortune
Danish Commander
f. 1958  out of Denmark's Daffodil by Ridgefield's Denmark
Dutch Commander
f.  1966  out of Society's Dark Velvet by  Society Rex
Flame Commander
f.  1965 out of High Point Flame (BHF)
so he was a full brother to CH Wing Flame, the 2nd dam of
How Fortunate, CH My Grande, and My Magical Moment. 
Flight Director
f. 1965  out of Clear the Entrance by Sparkling Waters
Flight Time
f. 1962 out of The New Moon by Sparkling Waters
He sired two WGC's. 
Gifted Commander
 f. 1963 out of Daneshall's Gift of Roses BHF by Anacacho Denmark
Good Spirits
f. 1968 out of  Spirit Divine by Sun Beau's Glory
f. 1963 out of  Crebilly's Hi-Note by Beau Fortune
He was exported to South Africa
High Rank
f. 1969 out of High Fashioned Sue by The Parading Promise
He was from the last foal crop by Wing Commander
King Dell
f. 1965 out of CH Belle of the Dell by King Coe
Lucky Commander
f. 1968 out of Born Lucky by Master Denmark
Major Command
f.. 1966 out of Jean Marlin by Society Rex

Mr. Magic Man
f. 1963 out of Molly O'Lee by Ensign Kirby
Oriental Aire
f.  1967  out of Mystic Aire by Sparkling Waters
Plainview's Commander
f. 1965 out of CH Plainview's Julia BHF by Genius of Kentucky
Pride of Plainview
f. 1966 out of CH Plainview's Julia BHF by Genius of Kentucky
Rhythm Command
f. 1954 out of CH Sweet Rhythm BHF by Reveler
He was Wing Commander's very first foal.
Ruff and Reddy
f. 1959 out of Likly Trotwood  by Trotwood Chief
Sunset Commander
f. 1956 out of Ana Del Oro by Edna May's King
here's a video of Sunset Commander
Super Command
f. 1962 out of Herschella's Happy Birthday BHF by American Victory

Victory Prince
f. 1968 out of Revelry's Princess by CH King of Revelry

Wing Again
f.  1956 out of Dream Flower BHF by Jubilee Dare
Wing Commander's King
f. 1966 out of Gay Siren by Meadow Majesty 
Wing Rhythm
f. 1956 out of CH Sweet Rhythm BHF by Reveler
He's a full brother to Rhythm Command

Wing Shot
f. 1968 out of Carol Trigg BHF by Kalarama Denmark
he's a full brother to Chief of Greystone
Wing Society
f. 1960 out of American Society by Society Rex
f. 1957  out of Dream Flower BHF by Jubilee Dare
Wing's Denmark Commander
f.  1969 out of Fredmar's Sweet Sue by Ridgefield's Denmark
Wing's Destiny
f. 1967  out of Pride of Desdemona by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
Wing's Dynasty
 f. 1963 out of Odessa Mae by CH King's Genius

Wing's Fleet Admiral
f. 1959 out of The Genius Queen by King's Genius
His show career, and ultimately his life, were cut short by laminitis.
Wings Over Jordon
f. 1962 out of  The Princess Denmark by Anacacho Denmark
CH Yorktown
f. 1964 out of Oman's Anacacho Maytime BHF by Anacacho Denmark

So out of 40 or so stallions listed at the top, which ones are still listed on the sire lines of top stallions today?  Roughly five.  We'll check them out next time.  

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