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12/27/2015 Vintage Saddle & Bridle from 1938

Continuing with the bound volume which contained Saddle and Bridle magazines from the years 1937 and 1938, this post looks at a few months of 1938.  Only 6 issues were included in the bound edition.

The January 1938 issue included a rating of broodmares from 1937 show results.  The leading mare was Kate Peavine by Rex Peavine out of Kathryn Haines.  Kate Peavine was the dam of CH Sweet Lavender.  Lina Lee Lewis made the list.  She was dam of WGC Fiery Crags.  Lina Lee Lewis' own dam, The Decoration Lady, also made the list.  This mare had been a RWGC herself back in   1920.  Several other mares on the list joined Kate Peavine in eventually being included in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  They were Abie's Irish Rose, Fanny Morgan and Blanchita.

August A. Busch of Anheuser Busch fame was an avid sportsman and competed in many equestrian events. 

The February issue included many stallions ads.  One was for American Born, the leading sire of 1934, 1935 and 1936. 

American Born was the head stallion at Nawbeek Farm in Paoli, PA.

Pepper Martin was sired by King's Genius and his dam was a double granddaughter of Chester Dare.  No wonder he was beautiful.

The March issue again had numerous stallion ads.  King’s Genius had an ad showing his 1937 winners which included Flirtation Walk, Glorious Star, Rose Genius, Bourbon Genius, Front Page Lady, Dixiana Sunbeam, Belle De Luxe and King’s Star.  Most of these horses went on to be great producers themselves.  Peavine’s Highland Chief was the top stallion in 1937.  He was owned by Sterling Owen of Cynthiana KY.

 Peavine's Highland Chief was by Red Rex by Rex Peavine.  Although he sired many good show horses, he was not prominent in future generations. 

 sired by Jean Val Jean out of Fair Acres Vanity Fair, he
was the top sire at Spindletop Farms in Lexington, KY.

Bourbon The Great was a gelding out of the great mare, Wild Wind (BHF)

Pirate Gold was sired by King's Genius out of BHF Nancy Thurman.  This painting of him was done by George Ford Morris.

Royal Rex Bourbon was owned by Robert G Jones of North Middletown, KY whose family owned his sire Bourbon King. 

Sun Beau was owned by Glad Acres in Texas.  This is another drawing by George Ford Morris.

The June issue had an ad for the upcoming Georgian Court Stables dispersal sale.  In another note, Edgemorr Farm buys the breeding stallion Royal Rex Bourbon from Robert Jones. 

This young lady was seven year old Joan Robinson, who went on to fame showing Beloved Belinda.  She later died under somewhat mysterious circumstances and had a TV movie made about her. 

Dr. William Gadsby died in June, and his stable was offered for rent in the July issue. 

Chandu was offered for sale, and is pictured here with his owner, Mrs. Nona McKinley of Northwind Farms in Lansing Michigan.  She and her husband had purchased the stallion Oklahome Peavine in 1937.  They owned him for the rest of his life and his gravestone is located near Michigan State University. 

Mountain Dawn was owned by Lupton Veazey Rainwater of VZtop Stables.  He briefly entered the Saddlebred world in the mid 1930's and had his dispersal in 1940. 

Wild Water was a 3 year old mare owned by Happy Valley Farm of Rossville, Georgia. 

The August issue reported that the show mare Night Flower was sold by Dixiana Farm.

Night Flower was a successful show horse in both 5-gaited and Fine Harness.  She was also a very successful broodmare and was in the Broodmare Hall of Fame. 

Delaine Bourbon was shown by his owner, H.S. Silberman who owned Delaine Farms. 

This picture was a throwback, even from 1938 standards.  The well bred mare is Regina McDonald, sired by Rex McDonald and out of Bess L.  Her 2nd dam was Lena M, the dam of Rex Monroe.  She was foaled in 1902 and is shown here with a future trainer, 5 year old Welsh Greenwell. 

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