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Roxie Highland and the rest of the R's

1/6/14  There aren't very many "R" horses left, so here they are.  Normally I only post on Saturday's, but I'm sitting here at my computer on a Monday. It is 6 below zero at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  We had 10 inches of snow yesterday and it's blowing and drifting like crazy.  It's supposed to get down to 15 below tonight and I don't even live in Minnesota!  No way I can make it in to work, there is a level 3 snow emergency in place and many businesses are closed, so I'll do this now and post it on Saturday.

Roxie Highland was a wonderful 3 gaited mare in the 1930's and a multiple time World's 3gaited Grand Champion. Roxie Highland was owned and shown by Mary Fiers of Oklahoma, who was a top horsewoman.  She also owned Oakland Peavine and  renamed him Oklahoma Peavine before she sold him to Northwind Farm in Michigan.  Mary Fiers sold Roxie Highland at the top of her career to Spindletop Farms in Lexington Kentucky.  Pansy Yount, the owner of Spindletop Farms, owned Roxie for the rest of her life.  Roxie only produced two colts, a stud colt who died at a young age, and a filly named Roxie Highland of Spindletop.  When Roxie died, Mrs. Young held a funeral and had her buried in a coffin.  Her statue stands beside the  American Saddlebred Museum in Lexington, which is right down the road from the old Spindletop Farm. 
Roxie Highland
Lord Highland by Highland Denmark out of a daughter of Rex McDonald
She is being ridden by Mary Gwyn Fiers in this George Ford Morris painting.

Roxie Highland and The New King
He was foaled in 1937, sired by Beau Peavine, and this picture was on the cover 
of the July issue of Saddle and Bridle.  He died as a young colt.

Roxie Highland with her daughter Roxie Highland of Spindletop
This filly was sired by Spindletop's stallion, Beau Peavine.
Both of my broodmares trace back to Roxie thru her daughter.
*Notice that other than the set tail and right hind leg position, Roxie looks identical in both pictures.
Photo-shop in 1937!*

CH Roxie Highland
with Cape Grant showing for Spindletop Farm

Richardson's Pot O' Gold
He was a double great grandson of Bourbon King on both his sire's & dam's side.   
Goldens seem to have gone out of favor with ASB's.  In 1950, there were 140 Goldens registered, in 2000, there were only 27.  Maybe as Parade horses make a comeback, so will Goldens?

Rita Le Rose (BHF)
Beau Peavine X CH Belle Lee Rose (BHF) by American born
Here is another product of the Spindletop Farm's breeding program.
As a broodmare, she produced Anita Le Rose by Society Kalarama (dam of Jamestown and CH Chantilly Rose (BHF)) and  several full siblings by Starheart Stonewall.  One is shown below.

Rita's Star
Starheart Stonewall x Rita Le Rose (BHF)
He was a full brother of Starheart Peavine, Starheart's Challenger
and CH Starheart's Black Magic.

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1/7/14  Time for my non-horse related rant. Yes, it got down to minus 15 last night.  I had to walk to the barn, which I usually do anyway, but I can't make it down the road in the truck because of the drifts.  The drifts aren't gone because the county hasn't been down my road in 3 days.  My husband finally got one of the tractors out and plowed so all of us on our road can get out.  That was just before his 94 year old aunt called to say her sink ran over and flooded her kitchen, dining room and hallway.  Guess who got to clean that up?  And to top off the day, her big freezer went out and we had to empty it out and move everything to my son's, daughter's and my freezers.  At least all we had to do to keep it cold was set it outside.  

Ready for winter to be over!

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