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1/18/14 Summer Lights

1/18/14  About two weeks ago, I received a letter from a friend of mine.  Usually we correspond via email, so I knew she had sent me something. Inside were two very small proofs of my mare at her first show in 1998.  The other item enclosed was a magazine clipping from 1988 with a picture of her dam, Summer Lights.  Although I never saw her show, I've heard from a number of people that she was quite a sight. Game, athletic and powerful, she would squat down and do a true slow gait. According to her trainer, if only her neck had been a couple inches longer she would have been nearly perfect.

She was purchased as a 4 year old from her breeder, and she was owned for the rest of her life by my friend.  Carolyn had been to the breeder's barn to look at another prospect, but when she saw Summer Lights work, she decided she was the one.

Summer Lights showed in 3 gaited classes as a four year old, but came back the next year as a gaited horse. Although she never earned all her champion points, she did very well and showed around the Ohio circuit until she was nine.  She later produced five foals, and all were shown successfully.  She ruled the rest of the broodmares at her farm until she died of an aneurysm while grazing out in her field at age twenty.  Her daughter Loretta shares her dam's trait..........she rules the pastures at our farm and doesn't let anyone forget who is boss!

Summer Lights in 1985 as a 4 year old 3 gaited horse.

Summer Lights at age 7 showing in five gaited classes.

Sandalwood Stonewall, her sire.
He was a half brother to New Yorker.

Bossa Nova Baby, her oldest daughter was by CH Albelarm Supremacy.

Summer Waltz, her youngest daughter, was sired by CH Star Waltz

Lewie Lewie was her last colt and was also by CH Star Waltz.

Summer Lights

Sandalwood Supreme

CH Valley View Supreme

Genius Bourbon King Bourbon Genius -  
Blessed Event (BHF) -
Diana Gay (BHF)The Genius  -
Lady Alice  -  
Sandalwood Stonewall

golden Stonewall Stonewall King  -  
Silver Moon (BHF)-  
My Heart Throb (BHF)Stonewall King-  
Betty Loo-  
Penny Lane

Truly Genius

CH Ridgefield's Genius CH King's Genius -  
Abie's Irish Rose (BHF)  -  
Wild Princess  CH King's Genius -  
Wild Wind (BHF)  -  
Hill Haven's Ladybird

Spindletop Denmark  Beau Yount-  
Roxie Highland of Spindletop-  
My Lady AstraKing Barrymore -  
Solitaire's Peavine

Summer Lights' pedigree includes two shots of my favorite stallion King's Genius, last week's subject Roxie Highland of Spindletop, and best yet, my favorite broodmare Wild Wind (BHF)

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