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8/12/17 1967 A snapshot from half a century ago. Part 2

This post will finish up the year in review for 1967.  July through December issues of Saddle & Bridle magazine feature some amazing Saddlebreds from half a century ago.

July had some well known show horses.  The front cover was a Walking Horse, so I used the back cover.  Art Simmons of Mexico Missouri used the back cover of every single 1967 Saddle & Bridle magazine to advertise his stable.  The early part of the year featured his breeding stallions and later magazines featured many of his show horses and prospects.  Is there anyone like Art Simmons out there today? 

The back cover listed many of Arthur Simmons' horses. 
Holiday's Best Wishes and Jenny Dulworth.
What a powerful mare. 

Local Talent and April Denham

Starlike and Pete Shull driving
After her show days, she became a Hall of Fame Broodmare.

Technistar and Mrs. Merle Doyle
Still showing strong at age 14.

August was yet another strong show horse issue, but again the cover went to a Tennessee Walking Horse.  Art Simmons featured Tashi Ling on the back cover. 

Tashi Ling, the year before she was World's Grand Champion

Broadland's Captain Denmark with his proud owner, Jolie Richardson. 

Hayfield's Belle

James L and Cynthia Woods

Look A Here

Lovely to Look At

My-My at Lexington. 

Super Command and trainer Thad Williams

The Love Charm


September had Arthur Simmons on both the front and back covers.  

Sea Beauty

Broadland's Patrician Lady

Benedictine and Tim Swindler
She was another good broodmare after her show days were done. 

Courageous Connie

Another photo showing her great power. 

Princess Julia

October featured more show horses.  What else?

The Alley Cat and Valerie Knowlton

Bright Hour

Dream Lover   unretouched
Dream Lover,   barely recognizable as the same horse

Folorama and Marty Mueller
unfortunately, this wasn't his real name.

Ottawa's Denmark
This picture wasn't in Saddle & Bridle, but show results were.
This horse was 2nd to Local Talent at Fort Wayne. 

Scarlet Ribbons

November started getting a bit thinner as show season was winding down. 

Follow Me was on the cover

Supreme Airs and Mrs. F.D. Sinclair

Supreme O'Lee and Tim Swindler

The December issue carried many ads as Season's Greetings.  On the cover was Lee Shipman and Tamerlane.  A pretty horse, but that wasn't his registered name.   

Who was he really?

Grand View's Matinee Idol while still on the East Coast
He went to Berkey Ohio in 1968 where he sired Buddy, Best Ever Saddlebred.

Penny Stonewall and Jay Altmeyer

Suki Tu,

Supreme O'Lee

Hope you enjoyed a very brief trip through the pages of all the 1967 Saddl3e & Bridle magazines.

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