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4/29/17 3 Gaited World's Grand Champions 1948 through 1982

This is part two of the series listing all the 3 Gaited World's Grand Champions along with their photographs.  The first horse to win the WGC five times in a row is also in this group.  She was one of only two horses ever to win the 3 Gaited WGC 5 times, and there have been three 4-time winners.  Tail fashions changed considerably during this peiod.

My Smoke Dreams
Royal Rex Sea X Louisa Monroe 
Magnolia's Ann Rutledge
Torpedo X Magnolia's Cora 
1950 - 1954
Blue Meadow Princess
Blue Meadow King X Thrill Girl 
Here's  our first 5 time winner, and she was owned by Dodge Stables.
Emerald Future
Anderson Rex X Emily Lane 
Valley View Supreme
Genius Bourbon King X Diana Gay BHF
Our first stallion winner of the 3 Gaited Championship. 
Carol Carson, aka Sunshine Carol
Starheart Stonewall X Carol Kent 
Starheart Stonewall X Tennessee Lady BHF 
1959 & 1960
Delightful Society
Society Rex X American Honeysuckle  BHF 
1961 & 1962
Belle of  the Dell
King Coe X Lena Juan 
Miss Helen
King  Of Rose-A-Lee X Lucy Kilmer BHF 
1964 - 1965
Local Talent 
American Dictator X Front Cover 
1966 and 1972
Forest Song
Broadland's Captain Denmark 
1967 - 1969
Valley View Supreme X Fairview's Gay Divorcee 
Her sire was also a 3G WGC
Lover's Sensation
Vanity's Sensation X Lover's Lane 
Sea Of Secrets
Secret Society X Lullaby Baby  BHF 
Forest Song
again a winner, 6 years later! 
1973 & 1974
Oak Hill's Dear One BHF
Denmark's Blourbon Genius X Hallmark Fanciful 
1975 - 1978
Finisterre's Gift Of Love
Night Of Folly   X Carey Stonewall 
Happy Valley Treasure
The Contract's Commander X Contract's Golden Trueasure 
The Finest Hour
Stonewall's Main Event X Danville Debutante  BHF
1981 & 1982
Home Town Hero
Yorktown X Barham's Reality BHF

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