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3/19/17 Grand View Farm's Dispersal Sale

The last post was about Grand View Farm of New City, NY.  A few days after posting, some new info emerged, so here is a followup report. After the death of Grand View Farm's owner, Frank Kupfer in 1962, the horses had to be sold off.  The dispersal sale was advertised in the April 1963 issue of Saddle and Bridle, and a few results were listed in the June 1963 issue.  Of course, the major attraction was the head stallion, 15 year old Golden Thunderbolt.  The three elite broodmares that Kupfer purchased in the 1950's (interestingly, upon the death of their previous owners) were gone.  WGC America Beautiful BHF had her last foal in 1956 at the age of 24, WGC Moreland Maid BHF had her last foal in 1953 at the age of 21 and WGC Nellie Pidgeon had her last foal in 1960 at the age of 22.  That being said, there were still plenty of good broodmares and prospects.  Twelve horses were listed as show horses.  Here is a recap.

Golden Thunderbolt
Golden Thunderbolt, the brightly colored son of Anacacho Denmark and Reverie's Desdemona BHF, became the property of Edward Beahm of Trenton, New Jersey.  He owned Lady Bird Farm and intended on breeding Golden Thunderbolt.  Plans must have changed, because just a year and a half later, he sold to Dorthea Denton of New Hampshire.  Golden Thunderbolt continued to sire colts until 1971.
Grand View's Matinee Idol
Grand View's Matinee Idol, a son of Golden Thunderbolt and Maid or Orleans, 2nd dam Moreland Maid, went to Edith Van Cleave.  Miss Van Cleave had been an actress, and later a talent agent.  She was credited with discovering Marlon Brando and also represented Grace Kelly.  Miss Van Cleve was in her late 60's at the time she purchased Matinee Idol, and she stood him on the east coast until 1968 when she leased him to Dr. Robert Elrod in Ohio.  He sired some nice colts while at Ottawa Creek Farm, including Buddy, Best Ever Saddlebred.  In 1972, Matinee Idol was either sold or leased to O.U. Mutz in Indiana where he sired a couple more foal crops.  Matinee Idol is buried on Mr. Mutz' farm.
Alloway's Tam O Shanter
Perhaps the best colt sired by Grand View's Matinee Idol, 
he was bred by my husband.  

Of the six broodmares, 20 year old Maid of Orleans sold with her weanling filly Thunderbolt's Genius Lady to Parkside Stables.  She was Maid of Orleans last foal, but she went on to produce five babies of her own.  Broodmare Piper Laurie also sold to Parkside Stables with her weanling.  Piper Laurie had no more colts.  Broodmare Grandview's Roxy Anne was a full sister to both Matinee Idol and Thunderbolt's Genius Lady.  She produced three more colts over the years.  Denmark's Wild Flower, a former show mare turned broodmare, sold to Ruxer Farms.  She produced 3 fillies by Valley View Supreme which were all kept as broodmares by Ruxer Farms.  Rockland Princess, a broodmare sired by Golden Thunderbolt was purchased by Louis Mallet along with her weanling filly Rockland's Rita.  The final broodmare was another Golden Thunderbolt daughter, Grand View's Highland Lady.  She produced four more colts in the next four years.
Denmark's Wild Flower
sold as a broodmare to Ruxer Farms
Prospects included yearlings and 2 year olds.
Grand View's Maid of Honor out of Maid of Orleans was bred as a 3 year old and went on to produce 9 colts.  The youngsters out of Grand View's Highland Lady, Grand View's Gay Blade and Colonel Glenn faded into oblivion, as did Piper Laurie's 2 year old Grandview's Frankie.  Rockland Idol, out of Rockland Princess was purchased by the Rotherberger's of Cotswold Farm.  He went on to sire a few colts.  Grandview's Golden Roxy and Golden Debbie, daughters of Grand View's Roxy Anne, sold to Sam Forgotson, the owner of America's Denmark.

Of the show horses, most faded from any records I could find.  Grand View's Golden Dream,sold to Dr. Gangemi of Doylestown, PA.  August Moon sold to the Walter Toblers of Franklin Lake, NJ.  However, two full sisters, the last two daughters of WGC America Beautiful hit the jackpot.  Grand View's Majorette, listed as a walk trot show mare but already the dam of a 4 year old, sold to Ruxer Farms.  She was immediately bred and produced 11 more colts.  She ended up a Hall of Fame Broodmare, as did her sister Duchess of Grandview.  She was also listed as a walk trot show mare, but again was purchased by the Ruxer's and put into their broodmare band.  She  produced 12 colts in her lifetime and was also BHF.

Sultan's Santana
out of Grand View's Majorette BHF
Attache's Thunderbolt 
out of Sweet Sharon Supreme, a daughter of Grand View's Majorette BHF
CH The Supreme Duchess
out of Duchess of Grandview BHF
Shown as High Voltage, this bay gelding son of Golden Thunderbolt 
was out of   Song of Freedom.  She had four bay colts by Golden Thunderbolt 
and this is narrowed down to Rockland Prince, Grand View's Thunderbird 
or Grand View's Victory Song.  
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