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11/19/16 Wild Wind, the legacy of a BHF part 1

OK American Saddlebred fans, who's the most influential mare in the Broodmare Hall of Fame?  And no mare born in the last 50 years is even eligible for consideration.  Flirtation Walk? Lucy Mack?  Judy O'Lee?  Let's look at Wild Wind.  Born in 1927, she had none of the advantages of modern broodmares.  No AI, no embryo transplants, no updated technology to help monitor her pregnancies,  just 19 colts born the old fashioned way.  Wild Wind had no show career and was a broodmare her entire life for several different owners.  Of her 19 colts, only one was a breeding stallion, and many of her most famous descendants came through her daughters.  Wild Wind BHF began the only unbroken string of six generations of Hall of Fame Broodmares, ending with Yorkshire Pudding BHF.  Seventeen of her female descendants are in the ASB BHF, again, not bad when you figure she never had a super star stallion son to boost her numbers.  At one time, she was the tail female line for five stallion in the top 25 sire list from Saddle & Bridle.  To this day, she is the tail female line for some very good horses.

Doing a post on Wild Wind has been my plan for several years, but I wasn't sure the best way to attack it.  I'm still not sure, but after doing the series on Wing Commander stallion lines, I decided to go for it.  I have a basic outline of what I'll do, and I'm sure it'll take some twists and turns over the next few weeks.  Today's post will look at Wild Wind's 19 babies, her pedigree, and we'll list the 13 WGC's that can take pride in the fact that she is in their pedigree.  Future posts will look in depth at the specific lines that have developed from her son and her ten daughters who carried on for her, her BHF legacy, the many, many stallions who have her in their pedigree, and some of the horses who trace to her straight down their bottom line seven or eight generations later.  She was an amazing broodmare and I hope you'll agree with me at the end of this series.

Her pedigree is interesting in that three of four grandparents traced to Chief lines.  The stallion Rex Shannon was her full brother.  

Bourbon Chief
Emmet Chief
Kate O'Haran
Wild Rex
Rex Peavine
Baby Rex
Patsey Peavine
Bourbon Chief
King Chieftan
Fanny Tucker
Wilson's King 2196
Miss Tucker

Here is a list of her 19 foals.

Wild Winds 19Th (36020G*) by Beau Fortune
Foal Date: 03/14/1953

Crebillys Wild Chieftain (33888G*) by Sensation Rex
Foal Date: 03/02/1951

Crebilly's Wild Sensation (32484G*) by Sensation Rex
Foal Date: 03/29/1950

CHHeavenly Daze (53783M*) by Beau Fortune
Foal Date: 04/26/1949

CHWild Fortune Of Crebilly (46193M*) by Beau Fortune
Foal Date: 05/05/1948

Lady Miriam (45303M*) by Colonel Sport
Foal Date: 04/16/1947

As Beauty Does (46914M*) (WCC) by Sensation Rex
Foal Date: 02/26/1946

Nehi Sensation (25460G*) by Sensation Rex
Foal Date: 03/22/1945

Crebilly's Whirlwind (BHF) (37042M*) by Sensation Rex
Foal Date: 03/25/1944

Monsoon (33270M*) by Sensation Rex
Foal Date: 01/01/1942

Crebilly's South Wind (19648G*)  by CHKing's Genius
Foal Date: 02/11/1941

Front Cover (35088M*) (RWC)  by  CHKing's Genius 
Foal Date: 02/13/1940
Front Cover pictured with her dam Wild Wind

Wild Eugenia (28396M*) by CHKing's Genius
Foal Date: 03/06/1939

Wild Princess (27151M*) by CHKing's Genius
Foal Date: 04/03/1938

Wild Genius (15406S*)  by CHKing's Genius
Foal Date: 04/25/1937  He was her only stallion son.

The Little Rebel (24214M*) by CHKing's Genius
Foal Date: 01/01/1936

King Edward The Eighth (14611G*) by Royal Rex Bourbon
Foal Date: 01/01/1935

Bourbon The Great (14610G*)    by Royal Rex Bourbon
Foal Date: 01/01/1934

Front Page Lady (23844M*) (WC) by CHKing's Genius
Foal Date: 04/01/1932

Wild Wind BHF has World's Grand Champions in all three disciplines, 5 Gaited, 3- Gaited and Fine Harness.

WGC Valerie Emerald 1969

WGC Garland's Dream

WGC Bravo Blue 2012

WGC Marc of Charm 2015
Four fantastic 5 gaited champs
WGC Local Talent

WGC An Heir About Her

WGC One for the Road 1991 & 1992
WGC Platinum Moon

WGC Don O'Neill 2016

Five fantastic 3 Gaited stars
WGC Supreme Airs BHF

WGC Glenview Mandala

WGC Foxfire's  Prophet

WGC Callaway's Copyright
WGC Castle Dream 2009
WGC Nutcracker's Nirvana

Six sensational Fine Harness standouts. 

Stay tuned next week for more info on which of her 19 lines that bred on, and which ones are still alive and well today.  

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