Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/10/16 Longview's Supreme

Longview's Supreme was sired by the great Valley View Supreme and out of  A Sheer Delight BHF.  He was a chestnut foal with no markings, and was born in 1960.  Always the inquisitve colt, he was good natured and friendly.  One trait got him into trouble and the second saved him.  An eye injury as a yearling took away all possibility of being shown, but with his strong pedigree, and great disposition, it was decided to breed him to some mares.  While his results were good, mare owners stayed away from Longview's Supreme.  There were other advertised stallions that drew more mares, so it wasn't until Lonview's Supreme was an older stallion in his late teens that he started getting the recognition he deserved.

Longview's Supreme
Valley View Supreme X A Sheer Delight BHF by King Coe
Often referred to as Longview Supreme, but that wasn't correct.
Another picture of Longview's Supreme

Belle Supreme GTR (BHF)
Longview's Supreme X Belle Prophet by Veiled Prophet
She was a World's Champion, then went on to produce
CH The Groomsman & CH The Phoenix (below)
CH The Phoenix Sm
He has his  own statue at the Kentucky Horse Park
Lord O'Shea X Belle supremje GTR by Longview's Supreme

Belle Supreme was one of three daughters of Longview's Supreme that ended up in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  The other two were Simply Furious and Sensational Sue.  
Sensational Sue BHF
Longview's Supreme X Fredmar's Sweet Sue by Ridgefields Denmark

Here are a couple of Simply Furious' offspring. 
Diplomatic Son
Attache X Simply Furious BHF by Longview's Supreme 
Simply Majestic
Radiant Sultan X Simply Furious BHF by Longview's Supreme

Longview's Supreme had over a dozen colts that earned their CHampion status.  Here are some as well as some of his other great showing get. 
CH Chat
Longview's Supreme x Carolina Shamrock by Gallant Guy
CH Enlightening
Longview's Supreme x Reata's Really Really BHF by Oman's Desdemona Denmark
CH Geneva June
Longview's Supreme X Crebilly's Sweet Talk by Vanity's Sensation
CH Longview's Ravishing Ruby
Longview's Supreme X Northern Lass by The Rambler
CH Shaman
Longview's Supreme X Linda's Beauty by Americus Denmark
 CH Longview's Headman
shown as Suncatcher
Longview's Supreme X Fairway Gay Descendant by Anacacho Denmark

Sweet Charlotte
Longview's Supreme X Louan Genius by Genius Better Bourbon

Longview's Supreme also produced some stallion sons that bred on.
Longview's Supreme X CH Nichols' Fairlane by Alexander the Great
Longview's Paladin
Longview's Supreme X Empress Wing by Wing Commander
He was a half brother to CH Imperator.
American Dream
Longview's Supreme X Linda's Beauty by Americus Denmark
He was a full brother to the terrific show horse, CH Shaman. 

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    1. He's pretty modern by my standards, but I'll see if I can come up with something. Did you see the post on Desert's Supreme Admiral? They were bred by the same farm.