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2/22/15 500 Likes

The American Saddlebred Blog began a little over 2 years ago, but on January 1st, 2014, my daughter created it's Facebook page.  I had previously resisted having a personal Facebook page, so I wasn't all that familiar with how it worked.  Yeah, I know, I must be from the 1800's.  Anyway, she explained that you can "Like" a picture, a post, or in my case, the blog's page.  She clicked on the button, and Bam, the Blog had it's first like.  She sent an invite to my girlfriend who started the Saddlebred journey with me in 1971 and Bam, there was Like #2.  Now what?  I hadn't had a personal page, so I couldn't solicit my friends.  So at the end of each blog post, I asked people to check out the Facebook page and like it.  And I waited.  Within a few days, my third Like came in.  I was surprised to see a pretty well known Saddlebred exhibitor's name.  Slowly, the names kept trickling in.  Most I didn't know, but occasionally I would recognize the name.  One day, when the number was hanging around 50 likes, Deanna Miller liked my page.  I'm not sure what she did, but within a week or two, my number had tripled.  From there it has been steady growth from lots of places in the US, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere.  Many names I recognize, including breeders, trainers and exhibitors.  Many I don't, so they are simply Saddlebred enthusiasts and fans of the breed.  500 isn't a huge number, but the audience is somewhat specialized, so thank you to all who helped reach the milestone. 

I searched for 500 on the ASHA website.  There is a horse named The Five Hundred, but sadly, no picture to share.  He was a grandson of CH Wing Commander and Society Rex, and was bred by Emerald Farms in Dublin, Ohio,, so he could have been a good one.  Instead, here are some interesting pictures to use for this weeks post. 
Stonewall King
The usual picture of Stonewall King has him standing with owner 
Murray Cason.  This head shot is a little different.

Stoney Burke
This grandson of Stonewall King showed in the parade division in the 1960's.
A post on parade horses is in the works.

As Beauty Does

Harlem Globetrotter

Marc of Charm

Supreme Heir

What do these last four have in common? 
They all share an important female ancestor who will also
be featured in an upcoming post.  Make that posts. 
She is my all time favorite broodmare.
Sovran's Impressario
This handsome black grandson of Supreme Sultan and Starheart Victory
stands at stud in Ohio. 
Lady Virginia
Here is a top show mare of the 1930's who was purchased by
Spindletop Farms of Lexington Kentucky. 
This blog loves to showcase old time show and breeding horses.
Mystery Mare
This lovely mare will probably always be a mystery.
Her rider appears to be Chester Caldwell and
the setting is the 1930's, but little else is known.

Meadow Mist
f. 1930  Bourbon Star by Bourbon King out of Princess McB by Rexall Prince by Rex Peavine
2nd dam by Bourbon King. 
She is pictured here with Dr. Robert H. Elrod in 1936 or 1937. 

Here is another picture of Meadow Mist with Dr. Elrod at the
Carranor Show in Perrysburg, OH in the late 1930's. 
Just look at that crowd.  Horse shows were great entertainment.
This is a close up of the same photo.  Although Dr. Elrod was alone at his
end of the ring, he knew exactly where his competitors were as he came out of the turn
at the rack. 

Be sure to visit the blog's Facebook page and like us.   Thanks to all who already have!

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