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1/4/15 American Saddle Horse Register Volume 46, 1965

1/5/15  It's a New Year, 2015 is here, and this week's post examines something a little different.  There are several red leather-bound volumes of the American Saddle Horse Register in my book case, so here is a look at the colts registered in 1965.  Fifty years later, it's easy to know which colts impacted the breed, which were good show colts, and which were more obscure.  The register lists all the colts born in 1965 that were registered, along with any colts from previous years that had name changes or were late in being registered for the first time. Each entry includes a registration number, registered name, and current owner.  Next comes color, markings, bred by info, and foaling date.  Finally, sire line info includes sire, grandsire and great grandsire, then 1st dam, 2nd, 3rd  and 4th dam info.   After the colts, the fillies are listed.  The index has an alphabetical listing of the stallions and geldings, followed by the mares.  Another alphabetic index lists the owners/breeders, their address, and the registration number of the colts they bred.

There were 2888 registered horses born in 1965.  Compare that with 3603 in 1975, 4027 in 1985, 2917 in 1995 and 2768 in 2005.  The number registered so far in 2014 is frightening, so I'll use 2013 as the most recent year, when there were 1282 horses registered.  It is interesting to note that there were quite a few large breeders from way outside the Bluegrass state, including Montana, Iowa, Arkansas and Kansas.  Iowa State University had a breeding program, as did the Vanderburg 4H program from Indiana.  Some well known names each had a colt or two registered:  Ellen Scripps Davis from Scripps Miramar Ranch, Jean McLean Davis, Dale Musselman, Dr. Newberry, Mrs. Alan Robson, and Raymond Shively.  The News Tribune Company registered three colts, this company was associated with Callaway Hills Stable.  Other breeders with large numbers of colts registered were Robert Whitney of Kentucky (35), Cedar Creek Farm of Missouri (32), J.B. Perry (Spring Valley Farm) of S. Carolina (26), Mrs. J. R. Sharp of Oklahoma (21), Castleton Farm of Lexington (20), Knolland Farm of Illinois (19), Tom Biederman (High Point Farm) Kentucky (17), Garland Bradshaw of Kentucky (16), Mary Miller Johnson of Ohio (15), Ruxer Farms in Indiana (12), Art Simmons of Missouri (12), Plainview Farms in Kentucky (11), Frank Bradshaw Kentucky (8), Horace Cabe of Arkansas (15), Billy Mountyjoy of Kentucky (11), George Gwinn of Kentucky (11), Mrs. David Neil, Blythewood Farms in Tennessee (6), Kimbeland Farm of Missouri (8), Chuck Bartush of Texas (8) and Jim Bray of Texas (10).  Some of these breeders, like George Gwinn and Mountjoy Farm, had been around for decades, others were just getting started. 

Here are some of the interesting entries for colts.

Plainview's Commander            47304  CH Wing Commander X CH Plainview's Julia (BHF)
He was the result of mating two WGC's and was also the product of RC Tway of Plainview Farm's breeding program.  Plainview produced the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th dams.

Knollandaire                    47390   King of Rose-A-Lee X Lucy Kilmer (BHF)
He was one of 15 full siblings and he was re-registered from his original name of
King of Rose-Lee Again

Vanity's Vision     47394   Vanity's Sensation X CH Dream Waltz (BHF)
Bred by Castleton Farms of course.

Countryside's Hullabaloo       47433   Commander's Flight X My Dance
bred by Mary Miller Johnson of Ashland, OH.  This horse ended up in Michigan
and was shown for many years. 

Mr. Fitzgerald      47474       Rhythm Command X Fannie Fair
Also bred by Mary Miller Johnson of Ashland, Ohio, he headed up her breeding
program for many years.

Bryndale's Denmark    47553   Oman's Desdemona Denmark X Blanchita's Lovely Lady
bred by Ardith Neath of Lowell, Michigan.  He became the breeding stallion at
Bryndale Farms.

Supreme Dugger     47599    Valley View Supreme X Melody O'Lee (BHF)
He was the older full brother of Supreme Sultan, but was gelded and shown.

Moreland Command   47824   Grand Command X Dawn of Rose-A-Lee
Bred by David Neil of Blythewood Farm, but registered by the owner RJ Leffler,
this stallion was re-purchased by Betty Neil of Blythewood, where he stood at stud.

Flight Director   47851  CH Wing Commander X Clear the Entrance
Bred by Castleton Farm

Commanding Spirit  47852  CH Wing Commander X Spirit Divine
He was a full brother to Good Spirits

Maker's Mark    47864  Valley View Supreme X Croft's Star
bred by Mary Anne O'Callaghan who had shown his dam as Scarlet Ribbons

Seth Denbo     47881    CH Wing Commander X Judy O'Lee (BHF)
bred by Ruxer Farms, he was re-registered later as Bainridge Commander and
stood at stud for his new owner, Jess Bain of Kansas.  Bainridge Commander was
a full brother to BHF's Jasper Sweetheart, Jasper Lady Evelyn, and Ann O'Lee,
and show mare Lady Talmage.

Greenhill's Red Flare     47896    The Red Rambler X A Flare
bred by Mrs. J.R. Sharp and later used as a breeding stallion.

King Dell   47940  CH Wing Commander X CH Bell of the Dell
Bred by Castleton Farm and another product of two WGC's.  He was
later used as a breeding stallion. 

Star Gemini   47969  Genius Bourbon King X Perique
bred by Mrs. Della Large, he was later used as a breeding stallion

The American Playboy   48057  King of Harmony X The American Maid
bred by Dr. EC Moore, he was later sold to Dr. Elrod and then my friend Laurie.
He spent many years in our barn and was a wonderful pleasure horse.

Roses's Masterpiece  48120   Starheart Peavine X Roses are Red
bred by Jean McLean Davis, he became a breeding stallion

  This picture is of WGC Sea of Secrets
Sea Secret    48294   Secret Society X Lullaby Baby (BHF)
He was a full brother to WGC Sea of Secrets

Rob Shriver    48326  Callaway's Johnny Gillen X Kate Shriver (BHF)
bred by the CAllaway Hills, but owned by the News Tribune Company,
he was a full brother to Will Shriver and became a champion show horse in his own right.

Kate's Scoop   48327   Mahogany's Society Genius X Kate Shriver (BHF)
here's another one bred by Callaway Hills, but owned by the News Tribune Company.
He was used as a breeding stallion.

Oklahoma Admiral      48364  Herbell's Ravenaire X Genius May Girl
He was bred by Herbell Farms in Michgan and owned and shown for many years
as a 5-gaited horse by Frances Shook of Michigan.

Bronze Master     48466  Wingmaster x Crebilly's Sweet Talk
He was bred by Frank Bradshaw and was used as a breeding stallion.

        Starheart's Colorama                                                   CH Technistar
Starheart's Colorama    48535   Starheart Stonewall X Tennessee Lady (BHF)
bred by Tom Biederman of High Point Farm, he was used as a breeding stallion
and was a full brother to WGC Technistar.

Sensational Commander    48545    CH Wing Commander X Crebilly's Sweet Surprise
bred by Frank Bradshaw, foaled in 1963, they re-registered him from Bee Bang.
He was used as a breeding stallion, so it's a good thing they changed his name.

Cherry Lane Stonewall    48572    Stonewall Supreme X Lucinda Stonewall
This double grandson of Stonewall King was shown around Michigan for many years by Judy Dunville.

Strangest name goes to Schwitzer Bueb, #47298,  The owner was from Monroe Wisconsin, noted for people of Swiss heritage.  While I can't translate completely, my Swiss roots tells me it means something like Swiss Bubba.

Next week looks at the mares of 1965. 

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