Saturday, October 19, 2013

"P" is for Peavine?

Moving on through my alphabet system, I've arrived at the P's. With only a couple of exceptions, I've already mentioned the horses in my file, so I tried to think of a prominent horse starting with the letter P.  Peavine came to mind, but I have no picture of Peavine 85, the grand sire of Rex Peavine.  So instead I searched for any pictures of any horses with Peavine in their name.   Well known or obscure, here's what I found.  

Aileen Peavine
foaled in 1932 and sired by Moreland Peavine

Beau Peavine
foaled  in 1929, sired by Jean Val Jean by Rex Peavine
See more about him in my post from 1/29/13 
Beau's Benita Peavine of Undulata
foaled in 1950, sired by Beau Gallant, she was the dam
of CH Giddy-Up-Go and Reata's Really Really (BHF)

Courageous Peavine
foaled in 1942, sired by Captain Courageous
Rex Peavine was his twice great grandsire

Flashy Bourbon Peavine
foaled in 1951, both his sire & dam traced back to Rex Peavine.
He sired CH Ninotchka and CH The Carnival Queen

Indiana Peavine
foaled in 1955, sired by Indiana Ace and out of a Beau Peavine mare.
He sired CH Glenview's Warlock, CH Lily Merrill and CH Spellcaster.  Wasn't he gorgeous?
His sire was exported to South Africa, so he is the only line tracing back to
Indiana Ace from an American stallion.

Lee Peavine
foaled in 1926 by All Peavine by Rex Peavine

Moon Glow Peavine
foaled in 1947, he traced back to Rex Peavine on both sire & dam side.
He was the 1951 & 1952 Parade Horse Champion at the Kentucky State Fair.
Moreland Peavine
foaled in 1924, sired by Rex  Peavine
Mountain Peavine
foaled in 1923, he was out of Peavine's Pearl (BHF) by Rex Peavine.
His daughter Little Bo Peep was a show mare and in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma  Peavine
foaled in 1923, sired by Rex Peavine.
See the post on, what else, Oklahoma.
The name makes me want to break into song!
Peavine Beaverkettle
foaled in 1954, he traced back to Rex Peavine thru his sire's dam and
his 2nd dam's sire.  He stood in the Ohio/Michigan area and was bred
twice to Cacho Kate, dam of one of my horses.
Peavine's Genius' Queen
foaled in 1944, she traced to Rex Peavine thru her sire's dam.
She was shown as Genius Queen, see more about her in the
post on the 1953 Lexington Jr. League Show.

Peavine's Golden Belvelier
foaled in 1948, he traced back to Rex Peavine on his sire line.
Peavine's Golden Knight
foaled in 1940, Rex Peavine was his great grandsire.

Peavine's Majestic Heritage
foaled in 1975, he was sired by Indiana Peavine.
He is an example that saddlebreds fit in many disciplines.

Rex  Peavine
foaled in 1899, sired by Rex McDonald and out of a Peavine 85 mare.
He was World's 5-gaited grand Champion at the Ky. State Fair in 1903.
He had six daughters in the BHF and was the broodmare sire of both
Edna May's King and Stonewall King.

Rexanna H. Peavine
foaled in 1923, sired by Rex Peavine. 
Sparkling Peavine
foaled in 1931, sired by Nawbeek Peavine by Rex Peavine.

Starheart Peavine
foaled in 1961, he traced to Rex Peavine thru his grandsires Beau Peavine and Stonewall King.
He sired CH Hot Fudge and CH You are Love,
and was a top ranked stallion for many years.

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