Saturday, July 6, 2013

A few horses beginning with a "J"

7/6/13  Not many horses in my picture files start with the letter J, but they are all good ones.  Two are stallion sons of Rex Peavine and the rest are in the Broodmare Hall of Fame.  One I just located this week and although she was the foundation mare for the Ruxer Farm, I've never seen her picture until now.

Jack Twigg 1903
Rex Peavine x Gladys Twigg by Chester Dare
Jack sired a whole lot of little Twiggs including Fancy, Princess, Leland, Jane, Hazel & Rose Twigg.
Most of his descendants probably come from his daughter Louisville Lou, who was the granddam of Starheart Stonewall.

Jean Val Jean 1908
Rex Peavine X Pattie Stone by King Richard
Jean Val Jean was of course the lead character in the novel Les Miserables, which was released as a movie last year.  Was the novel's hero named after a horse?  No, the novel was written in 1862, so the horse was named after the hero.  The equine Jean Val Jean was fairly prolific, and sired some nice horses including Beau Peavine (see post from 1/29/13), Sensation Firefly (see post from 4/9/13) and Jean Val Jean's Charm.  She was the dam of Charming Jean (BHF) and grand dam of Chocolate Parfait (BHF).

Jane Black (BHF)
San Vicente X Candy Kid
Jane Black is best known as the dam of Anacacho Denmark and his full brother Cameo Kirby.  She also was the dam of the show gelding Flamme Rouge. 

Japanette (BHF)
Highland Denmark X Forest Rose
Japanette appears to have been a show mare herself, and was dam of BHF Kathryn Haines who in turn was the dam of BHF's Abie's Irish Rose, Kate Haines (who will be a subject of her own post) & Kate Peavine.  Abie's Irish Rose was dam of BHF's Abie's Baby & Rose Genius, and Rose Genius was dam of Sparkling Delight (BHF).  That's five generations of Hall of Fame Broodmares beginning with Japanette. I only know of one string of BHF's that can beat five. 

Judy O'Lee (BHF)
Leatherwood King X Ace's Orchid by American Ace
It's interesting to note that Judy has two shots of Japanette in her pedigree, through her sire Leatherwood King's dam Kate Haines and through her dam's sire American Ace who was out of Kathryn Haines.  But way more interesting is just finding this picture, since I have never seen one of her before.  She looks a great deal like her daughter, Melody O'Lee (BHF) who was the dam of Supreme Sultan, but it's my opinion that Judy appears more refined than her daughter.  Judy O'Lee also produced three other BHF daughters, the Wing Commander daughters Jasper Sweetheart, Ann O'Lee and Jasper Lady Evelyn.  I'm not sure if any other mare has produced more than four daughters in the BHF, but that's got to be near the top.

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