Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome to The American Saddlebred blog

Welcome to my blog, the American Saddlebred. I am a huge fan of the breed and just wanted a space to post some pictures and my random thoughts.
I was introduced to the breed over 40 years ago when my girlfriend and I answered an ad in the local newspaper to lease a horse. It turned out that the mares we leased were both American Saddlebreds. They were far from the best, but we learned so much about how to care for our horses and we did everything from the ground up. Homer, who owned all the horses, raised a few colts every year, so we experienced working with young colts, pregnant mares and everything in between. That was back in the day of the small, local one-day shows and a bunch of the girls from the barn would pack up our horses and go show for the day. My Mom even sewed my first show suit! Those were the days.
When the time came for me to purchase my first horse, a friend introduced me to a local breeder. Dr. Elrod sold me a wonderful gelding and we were together for the next 18 years. Since the day I bought Buddy on 1/1/1974, I have had at least one Saddlebred in the barn. I prefer just having a great horse that I can manage at home, but Saddlebreds are wonderful in whatever setting you place them. Although they are best known as the world’s most beautiful show horse, Saddlebreds can also make the best back-yard buddy ever. We Saddlebred owners are also pretty loyal. My girlfriend from 40 years ago is now a veterinarian and has a sweet mare from the Saddlebred Rescue in her barn. 

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